The Crestone Eagle, June 2004:

‘Wake up call’ to Baca spiritual centers
by Chris Canaly and Marta Shoman

The character of Crestone, how it develops and grows, is being formed right now. As many of us know, the change in status of the Sand Dunes National Monument to a National Park requires public agencies such as the National Park service, Wildlife Refuge and Forest Service to develop new policies. These policies will influence hunting and increased public access on lands adjoining the properties of retreat lands and spiritual Centers.

Samten-Ling Retreat land, Yeshe Khorlo, Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, Crestone Mountain Zen Center, Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang Stupa, Shumei International Institute, and the western boundary of the Carmelite property all share boundaries with land soon to be controlled by these public land agencies.

Chris Canaly of the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council is urging members of all these communities to attend a meeting on Saturday June 26 at 7pm to discuss the future of life here in Crestone. Joe Vieira, a Geographic Information specialist and Conservation Biologist, along with Ms. Canaly, who is the Director of the SLVEC, will facilitate the discussion and explain in some detail what is happening.

Another important issue that will be discussed is the management of growth within the Crestone area. The SLVEC recently organized a Crestone/Baca community group that is gathering information and encouraging dialogue, not only about hunting and public lands access but about land sales, housing starts and, consequently, the increased traffic. Such groups as the Spiritual Life Institute, Pundarika, and Vajra Vidya Retreat, although not bordered by public lands, will be affected by these developments. Dragon Mountain Zen Sangha, located in the Ranchettes, and the Baptist Church will have to reckon with increased traffic, especially if the North Park entrance is established on T Road.

Ms. Canaly says, “We have now inherited a greater responsibility to manage these landscapes with integrity, and to base resource decisions on good science and keep in mind the needs of not just the present but of future generations.”

There will be a power point presentation followed by animated dialogue on June 26, 7pm at the Jacobi residence: 885 Pine Cone Way, Chalet I (top of the hill on the right).

The future is being planned right now. If the spiritual groups and centers want to have a say in shaping it, now is the time to wake up and step up. Questions? Call Marta Shoman at 256-4824 or Chris Canaly at 256-4758.

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