The Crestone Eagle, March 2004:

ScSeed sponsors 4th Annual Ranching Celebration Potluck ĎDonít Fence Me Iní
by Liza Marron & Linda Joseph

It's time again for a good ol' story swappin', lie slingin', vittle slurpin' and fiddle dancin' time. This is ScSEED's fourth annual Ranching Celebration Potluck on Sunday, March 7, at 1:30pm in the Saguache Community Center, and every time it gets better. Saguache County's favorite ranch poet, Peggy Godfrey, will be there to entertain you, along with get down, get excitin' plunkin' from John Baker and the boys. Locals will spin some marvelous tales about their daily antics past and present.

Last year the event's potluck sported local lamb, beef, elk, chicken, enchiladas, chiles, greens, cornbread, desserts and so much doggone good vittles a person had to stay and hear the stories for lack of ability to stagger out the door. This year's feast is expected to be accompanied by much laughter and sharing as neighbors near and far gather for some homespun humor, history and old timey music.

If you've never seen Peggy Godfrey's impression of a chicken laying an egg, you have never really laughed. Her hilarious antics will free even the most chicken-hearted participants to head to the mike without fear of appearing foolish. Nathrup's jewel of a Cowboy poet and old time fiddler Dennis Fischer had the crowd in hysterics two years ago with the story of the day he told his daddy he wasn't milkin' cows anymore.

The event is open to all neighbors in the Valley and out. Stories in Spanish are welcome and there is a time slot at the end for spur of the moment performers.

ScSEED is inviting individuals and other regional organizations to be partners on a project to preserve knowledge of the agricultural way of life—the historical and cultural heritage of the northern San Luis Valley—for the benefit of current and future generations here.

Entitled "Don't Fence Me In", this project will document ranching relics, seasonal activities, stories, poems and songs that characterize the local ranching families. A short version of the video and accompanying curriculum plan will be used to educate students across the Valley and statewide through school, community and club settings. A longer series aimed at tourists and adults throughout Colorado will educate citizens about their rural communities and the threats to this way of life. A complete archival version will serve to preserve Valley heritage before many elders are no longer around to tell their stories.

ScSEED has already contributed funding and documented footage from it's annual Ranching Celebration. A 2-hour video tape of the 2003 Ranching Celebration is available for $15, with proceeds going to support local citizen projects.

ScSEED is seeking partners and matching funds from a variety of sources in order to receive a grant from the Colorado Council for the Arts: Please contact ScSEED if you would like to be a sponsoring partner or for details. ScSEED: P.O. Box 372, Saguache, CO 81149, 719 655-2775,

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