The Crestone Eagle, March 2005:

ScSeed’s 5th Annual Ranching Celebration & Potluck March 6

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

The Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development folks (ScSEED) want to make sure you don’t miss a very popular event—The Fifth Annual Ranching Celebration, Potluck lunch and afternoon of stories, poems and songs. Storytellers young and old will gather to swap tales of hardship and laughter from the old days on Sunday, March 6 from 1:30-5pm at the Saguache Community Building in Otto Mears Park.

A fine slate of well-known local ranchers, poets and neighbors is lined up for your listening pleasure. The program includes John Baker and the Boys, Calvin and Jim Coleman, Virginia Sutherland, Dennis “Slim” Fischer, Kayo Morgan and many other great folks. Open slots remain for any brave soul willing to share a poem, verse, sonnet, limerick or humble story with their neighbors.

The afternoon will begin with a delicious potluck of country dishes shared with each other. The program begins shortly thereafter in a fashion reminiscent of days before television and computers, when a song or story was the afternoon delight. Tales that characterize the life of local ranching families and culture in the San Luis Valley will be featured.

A great addition this year will be a sneak preview of the Ranching History and Heritage Video Project. Jeff Shook and Kailash are videographers on the ScSEED steering committee coordinating this project, which also includes Peggy Godfrey, Deana Wilfong, Mary Lowers, John Baker and Linda Joseph. They, and many local organizations and agencies joining in as sponsors, are making this documentary series to capture the local ranching way of life and historical heritage in the San Luis Valley. See details in a separate article, entitled “Don’t Fence Me In”.

Videos from the 2003 Ranching Celebration will be available for purchase as a ScSEED benefit, proceeds going to support this event and the Video Project. Admission to the Ranching Celebration is free, although we’ll pass the hat and donations will be welcomed to support this wonderful event and the video documentation.

For more information you may leave a message on ScSEED’s Voice Mail 719-256-2775.

Hope to see y’all there!