The Crestone Eagle, April 2005:

Liquor store in Crestone broken into
by Mary Lowers

The 21st Amendment Liquor Store on the corner of Galena and Alder was broken into at 2am, on Wednesday, March 9. According to Saguache County Sheriff Department Investigator, Mark Wertz, alert neighbors heard glass breaking and saw two figures fleeing the north side of the historic building. A window was broken in what Wertz postulates was an attempt by the would-be burglars to get at a shelf of liquor and wine close to the window. It has been established that nothing was taken—the perpetrators scared away possibly by neighbors. The window was valued at $100.

While the case is currently inactive, Wertz says information regarding the break-in would be appreciated and that the Sheriff’s Department is going to step up patrols of the downtown Crestone area. Investigator Wertz shared with me a concern about lax security in town. He said when a security check of downtown was undertaken, the morning of the liquor store break-in, several doors to local businesses were found to be unlocked. Wertz encouraged a heightened interest in downtown security.