Freebox Fairies
Dear Editor,
I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Freebox Fairies who have been keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance of the freebox this winter. It’s a thankless job in the best of weather, and even more of a chore in winter.
To all the FF’s out there, I say thank you for your selfless service. May the freebox fill you with wonderful findings!
Lisa Micklin

Dear Editor,
This past Sunday was the 36th anniversary of my mother’s passing from this plane.
I would like to publicly thank some of the nameable angels who showed up for me.
I commend and celebrate the Crestone Healing Arts Guild for offering a fabulous convergence of healing artistry monthly. The by-donation services reflect the true Spirit of generosity & healing. Wonder Bob’s adventure in regression delighted me, like watching a super movie with myself as star. Thank you, Bob, for accompanying me on my return trip to health & wholeness, and for your enlivening Dances of Universal Peace, and all involved.
I’d like to honor “the eaglettes”, every one of you, for your compassionate support—as well as my house mate Jandi, who’s become a mother to me, so literally, so poetically. You’re a beautiful community & I’m grateful to participate in this return to unity with you all.
Most Truly,
Stacia Burton

Open house thanks
Dear Community,
Thank you for your wonderful support of our 20th year celebration and open house. Thanks to all of you who came by, brought food and, even if you couldn’t make the event, wished us well. We would like to thank those businesses who generously gave donations for our open house door prizes (what fun!): The Bead Store, Black Bear Video, The Harvest Restaurant, The Desert Sage, Sweet Thunder, and Joyful Journey.
with love & appreciation
Kizzen Laki, Janet Woodman
and all of us at The Crestone

She’s electrified
Dear Editor,
I can’t wait to read my Crestone Eagle online and am happy to be saving trees and fuel as well. Thanks again.
—Betty Davis, Exton, PA
All the latest
Dear Editor,
Thank you so much for your excellent newspaper! Our son, Steve Anderson—and his family—live in Crestone. Steve owns the Harvest Restaurant. We enjoy reading all the latest news about your amazing community! Best wishes for a Happy New Year in 2009!
Jim & Linda Kuhn, Kentucky

Politically bent
Dear Editor,
I believe that community media should be neutrally educational news, not politically-bent, and should give the opportunity and respect to the public of making their own opinions. I do not believe that one could rightfully argue for the Crestone Eagle being neutral, or “even-handed” as they advertise to be.
It appears to me, based off of reading archived articles, that the Crestone Eagle is not a neutrally-minded newspaper; instead, it appears to be politically bent towards the “left.” I am curious about the Crestone Eagle’s staff opinion regarding this observation, and why they feel it necessary to put into the newspaper obvious politically-bent opinions. Is this not a community newspaper? Does the staff not feel that they should be more politically neutral in their journalism? Has the Crestone-area community argued against and/or for this politically biased media?
Thank you,
Brandon Williams

Eagle response
Dear Brandon,
Thanks for your note. You are correct, The Crestone Eagle does lean a little to the left—like the majority of the community it serves.
Newspapers have historically had opinions. They endorse candidates and policies. They applaud or give them hell. They take stands on issues. It is traditional to do so. Part of the “freedom of the press” is rendering “politically-bent opinions”. And give a voice to their communities.
We have letters to the editor, columns and guest editorials expressing all sorts of opinions—not necessarily our own.
When it comes to reporting the news, we work hard to be accurate and balanced and present the facts. If people feel that isn’t quite so, we encourage them to tell their side of the story.
In your email you were bothered by our happily announcing Obama’s win ahead of time. Well—sometimes—newspapers just have fun.

Future of newspapers
Dear Eagle,
Congratulations on your anniversary. If newspapers have any future at all, it is in the type of community journalism practiced by excellent small-town newspapers … who will aspire to quality because you have set the bar so high.
Jan Glidewell
Dade City, FL
Please make contact
Dear John Ross,
After reading your Letter to the Editor in last month’s Eagle, I tried to contact you to learn more about your concerns. However, I was unable to find you in our local telephone books and the POA shows no record of you as a property owner in the Baca. I invite you to attend our POA meetings and would appreciate it if you would call me at 256-4871 to discuss your issues and answer any questions you may have.
Thank you,
Diane Dunlap

They killed the fishes,
Against our wishes
Endangered creatures great tho small with myriad facets—they killed them all. We had no warning, nor did they, not from this POA—this Board, this EAC, this Department of Land Abuse, and the Management, too. All together far astray they got it very wrong in every way. With one exception—Kathryn, our hope for restoration of legitimacy, good ethics & competency.
Judge by actions, not mere chatter, wrongful deeds are there to see, time for this group to go away because right and wrong DO matter. They face a recall, any day, they got it wrong in every way.
POA—meet the EPA!
Here to give some guidance. Plans may change for those indicted. Time for justice to finally be requited. Behind false indemnification they cower, time for them to pay for gross abuse of power. Time for them to pay for their illegal roads—construction and environmental destruction. After all, they chose this mess. Permits? They could care less. Right before Christmas, bulldozer and backhoe dredged the creek a whole lot more. There are new culverts, now four. Collect another EPA clean water 404. Not acceptable, they were told, not OK, no way, not now, not then, not ever. They hear only their own voice, good advice was never taken. Now it’s come to pass, they clearly were mistaken. Now we’ve got broken laws, covenants and codes, all for profit or so they thought. Here, there, and in Moffat.
The Baca—Park and Refuge—are connected check it out, it’s all on record. We expect our environment to be preserved and always be protected. Membership take note, time to stand up, demand your vote be counted.
Terrel Tucker
Save Cottonwood Creek