by Mary Lowers

Sharp investigative work and deduction led the Saguache County Sheriff’s Department to crack a group of county men who may be responsible for a string of crimes on the eastern side of the county. Department spokesman Undersheriff Tristan VanZalinge said while evidence is still being gathered it looks “likely that these four individuals known to run together” are responsible for thefts and robberies including the break-in robbery on Rarity Way in the Baca Grande in January.

Connections were made between the Baca break-in, an auto theft and a couple of break-ins in Moffat, and the robbery of a home on County Rd. 59. Undersheriff VanZalinge credits surveillance and photos gathered by Deputy Harford and passed along to Lieutenant Warrick of the County Road 59 location for the final connection allowing this case to be solved. The robbery in the unincorporated county netted TV sets, fuel, firearms and ammo. When some of the stolen firearms and ammo were recovered, investigators realized that some bullets were missing. Investigation of this information led to a pawn shop in Salida where some of the ammo had been pawned. This led to the arrest of Brian Jones of Saguache, Samuel Dallas Archuleta of Alamosa and Gary Sisneros at a Center address. As we go to press, a fourth suspect, Patrick Gillespie of Moffat is still at large.