The Crestone Eagle • August, 2020

31st Annual Crestone Energy Fair planned for Sept. 12

To be held both virtually & live

The Crestone Energy Fair will be celebrating its 31st annual event on September 12.  We have been watching events unfold around us and remain in contact with state and local officials, as well as the general community at large. We have come to the conclusion that while it is necessary and relevant to continue forward with our education, we also must significantly reconsider our live event design. As a result, we will be offering the event in two parts, both virtually and live.

Our scheduled speakers, covering a range of topics including building techniques, alternative energy generation, and sustainable food and growing production, will be pre-recorded and offered as free video content on our website. We believe that the information these speakers will provide is more relevant now than ever before, and hope to reach a broader audience than the in-person event could offer. We will also pre-record the Home Tours and offer them free on our website to the public as well.

On September 12, we will host a significantly smaller version of the live event on private land outside of town. This will include the Keynote Speaker’s address and two 90-minute symposia, building materials demonstrations and alternative energy generation demonstrations. We are facilitating these three presentations so that we can also accommodate live, virtual Q&A from our website audience to the presenters. 

There will still be opportunities for vendors to sell goods at the event, though the vendor fee will be waived this year as we recognize the increased need for our community members to keep the money they earn. To keep safety measures in place and keep attendance numbers manageable, we are asking the community and vendors to register for the live event via our website—

We have been actively working to build up our online content ahead of the event, and encourage you to check out our YouTube channel for informational tours of community facilities.  The latest content features Tom McCracken of Archaic Orchard from Green Earth Farm and Eric Maki teaching how to construct an adobe floor. 

This adaptable change to the Crestone Energy Fair is not an easy task to accommodate, but as committed volunteers to this cause, we are doing our best to make it happen. Most of our sponsors have unfortunately had to decline helping us this year, due to a significant decrease in revenue, so we also ask that if you have the means and ability to chip in a little to help continue this local tradition, we would greatly appreciate it. Donations can be made through our Go Fund Me account:, or checks mailed to: Crestone Energy Fair, PO Box 83, Crestone, CO 81131.