The Crestone Eagle • October, 2020

31st Annual Crestone Energy Fair was a virtual & live success

Congratulations, Community! We successfully hosted the 31st Crestone Energy Fair as a live event and livestream to YouTube, Facebook & our website.  The information-sharing and knowledge from the community leaders on our presentation panels was outstanding! This wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of Doug Beechwood and his Terra Media livestream crew, Rob Treaphort of Golden Turtle Sound, Dr. Kim Engard as our MC/Stage Manager and Rita Peak who monitored our online feed all day. We are also grateful to Pete Van Horn for all of his pre-event filming and editing.

These 3 lovely and talented ladies cooked all day and kept the delicious free food stocked up and feeding all the hungry mouths at this year’s Crestone Energy Fair. L to R: Jenny Che’ Raven, Mary Lowers, Faith. photo by Lori Nagel

You can watch the entire program and the rest of our YouTube videos here:

2020 has pushed us even more to create a world filled with innovative systems of peace, harmony, reflection and deep work.  The dedication of this community to continue a tradition that has lasted 30 years and to dig even deeper during times of adversity is truly inspiring.  As we watch our world shift into greater polarity and division, it is obvious that our current systems are failing us.  However, the Energy Fair’s focus hasn’t changed in these 31 years.  We continue to focus on sustainable gardening and alternative construction and energy solutions that help us tune into the earth, elements and ways to be in balance with ourselves on the inside and outside.  It has been amazing to work with people who stay focused on solutions and in a place of love for community. 

This year’s event was also an experiment to see how well our local systems and networks work together under the stress of new imposed guidelines for hosting events.  We are in so much awe and gratitude for how everyone came together.  Special thanks to Eric Maki who offered the land for us to build our venue from the ground up and his land mate, Russell Walker, for all of their work.  This took a tremendous amount of volunteer hours throughout the summer and a huge increase in costs, paperwork and organization.  With the help and support of the Saguache County Commissioners, Sheriff’s Office, Public Health, the Crestone Fire Department and Peace Patrol we had a spectacular event.  We appreciate all of these organizations for helping us think through how to create a safe and healthy event that was inclusive of our entire community.  We were able to host an outdoor event with 325-350 people joining us throughout the day.

The “Sustainable Gardening Symposium” panel. L to R: Cheyenne Lacy (moderator), Kizzen Laki, Matie Belle Lakish. 
photo by Lori Nagel

Many thanks to Mary Lowers, Faith Lotus, Jenny Che Raven, Christy Kaliana and Devin Myles and many others who helped feed our volunteers all week who were working night and day to pull this off amidst the crazy snowstorm and cold weather that came in.  On the day of the event, they helped feed everyone on site with an off-grid community kitchen with food from many of our local gardens.  We were also excited to partner with Taylor Martin who brought in the Rainbow Lightning kids area with a beautiful 18’ geodesic dome.  Malana Ramadei offered aerial silk and lyra lessons as well as an evening performance.  These two women provided activities all day for children and made the event much more family-friendly. 

And we are eternally grateful to Saguache County, Hemp Lucid and Artisanal Boards Buildings for being our major sponsors and to all of the vendors, presenters, volunteers and participants who believed in us.  Thank you for everyone’s courage to participate and support us this year.  Please continue to check our website for information about the event and our new website to see what we will be working on throughout the year.

Thank you!   Lisa Bodey, Nick Nevares & Donovan Spitzman