The Crestone Eagle • July, 2021

32nd Annual Crestone Energy Fair  Reconnect! …Self…Village…Nature

by Crestone Energy Fair Coordinators

The Crestone Energy Fair is more than just an event, it represents how our community values living in greater harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural environment. It is a celebration of the sustainable solutions we have created together regarding building design, energy efficiency and utilization of resources. The last year provided each of us with the challenge of re-evaluating each of these relationships. We all had to adapt to change, push our growth edges and collaborate on a deeper level to reconnect these areas of our lives. As more people move to and visit Crestone, we value the opportunity to integrate old and new neighbors into the ongoing dialogue of how we learn to live together at the end of the road.  How do we bridge the wisdom and experience of our community elders and institutional knowledge with the enthusiasm of new ideas and technologies to create regenerative systems? How do we learn from nature about the cycles, seasons and patterns that we go through individually and collectively? We have selected this year’s event theme for us to explore these questions together:  RECONNECT! …Self…Village…Nature!

New Crestone Energy Fair Stage 2020. photo by Lisa Bodey

The 32nd Annual Crestone Energy Fair will be hosted on Saturday, August 28 & Sunday, August 29.  We are excited to expand back to a 2-day format filled with educational presentations, workshops, home tours, vendors, music and performances that align with our theme. If you would like to join us, please visit our website under “Join Us” for the following applications.

Home survey & application for 2021 Home Tour  

Our annual Home Tour gives people the chance to visit homes that prioritize energy efficiency, off-grid systems, repurposed/recycled materials and/or natural building construction.  To collect more of the history of this type of building and energy models, we are asking the community to help us complete a survey.  This is also an application to be considered for showcasing your home on the Completed or Under Construction Home Tours.  For more information or questions, please contact Goldie Mariola, Home Tour Maven, at or 303-903-0968.

 Presenter & Workshop application

Presentations and Workshops are at the heart of the Energy Fair’s mission.  Please consider sharing your sustainable living, building and healing knowledge with our community.  From strawbales to earthships, from solar to methane, from qi gong to yoga . . . there is something for everyone.  For more information, please contact Lydia Sprouts, Booking, at or 719-792-2908.

Vendor application

Please complete our online vendor application. A complete list of guidelines can be found at the above listed link.  For more information, please contact Nick Nevares, Producer, at or 719-588-6421.

Rainbow Lightning Kids Area

Are you a parent, teacher, camp counselor or youth educator who would like to offer programming or cool activities for our Kids’ Area?  Please contact Taylor Martin at

Once again, we will livestream the event to reach a broader audience who may not be able to join us in person. We will have more information about the schedule of events, Conscious Kitchen and volunteer opportunities in the next Eagle issue!  For more information, please email