published: March 2015

Sheriff Dan Warwick talks about his law enforcement goals

by Mary Lowers

Newly elected Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick took office this month. Sheriff Dan has spent nineteen years in the valley, most of them serving in law enforcement.  He graduated in 1995 from the Colorado Police Academy at Trinidad State College in Trinidad, Colorado. In the years since he graduated, Dan has worked as a Saguache County officer for fifteen years and spent nine years with the Center police force. During his career he has held the ranks of deputy, sergeant, lieutenant, and served as Interim Police Chief in Center. His experience includes “many levels of policing and supervisory roles.”

Warwick says, “I want the sheriff’s officers to be part of the community. I want to meet community members, find out what their concerns are. I want us to have high visibility in the community.” Knowing that the drug problem, particularly use and abuse of meth and heroin is a big concern, Warwick plans to spend time on the issue and told me, “we plan to use canines to sniff out suspected drugs.”  He also intends to put energy into stopping burglaries in the county. “To me life is the most important issue,” he told me; “I want people to live without fear.”

Some staff changes have taken place at the Sheriff’s office and more are anticipated. James McCloskey will be the new Undersheriff. He comes to Saguache County from Alamosa with 28 years of experience. Warwick has hired one new deputy and says there will be one more employed. He has hired two new jailers.  Acknowledging the highest population density in the county is on the south eastern side, Warwick told me, “I am trying to get a sheriff to live in the Crestone/Baca area.”

Sheriff Warwick wants people to know if you have concerns or questions the Sheriff’s office can help with, feel free to ask the staff. The non-emergency phone number is 719-655-2525.