The Crestone Eagle • September, 2020 

Crestone Energy Fair—Online & local event September 12

Resiliency . . . an ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change.

Regenerative . . . characterized by the ability to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, especially in a better form or condition.

At last year’s Crestone Energy Fair, we chose these words to represent each of our stages that hosted educational presentations and workshops. This year, these words have come to bring us an even deeper meaning and understanding of what it means to be truly resilient and regenerative.  The Crestone Energy Fair is grateful for all of the ways that our community continues to collaborate, build partnerships and create solutions to support our 31st annual event to be held on Saturday, September 12, 2020. 

We have been celebrating this event for 30 years and we ask for everyone’s patience as we tackle some very new dynamics in the realm of event production. 

While we want to find a place for everyone who wants to participate, we are also in the position of downsizing what we can realistically offer this year.  We have made the choice to livestream the event from a private location to YouTube and Facebook to reach a broader audience.  Regardless of attending the livestream event, you can access all of our latest sustainability videos on gardening, construction and energy on our YouTube Channel (see below).  We appreciate your support in sharing our links to your family and friends. 

We will start the day with an Opening Ceremony to invite peace and protection to this event and its participants. The presentations to follow will include a brief introduction from panelists, questions from a moderator and then Q&A from our online and live audience. 

Event Schedule – Mountain Standard Time

Saturday, September 12

10am – Opening Ceremony

11am-12:30pm – Sustainable Gardening Symposium

1pm-2:30pm – Alternative Energy Generation Panel

3-4:30pm – Alternative Construction Methods Panel

5-6:30pm – Keynote Speaker, David “Diamond” Mauriello of the *Oppenheimer Ranch Project

6:30-7:15pm – The Sonic Apothecary with Peter May

Virtual Home Tours

The Home Tours will also look a little different than in the past. After years of open-house style tours, we will continue to showcase some of the beautifully creative architecture in our community via online virtual tours. This will make it possible for people all over the world to participate and to get a taste of the unique building culture that we have here.

The online tours will feature an intriguing variety of homes, including a tiny home, a straw bale, an earthship, and a ferro-cement castle that are true displays of wild-running imagination mixed with brilliant artistry. One of Crestone’s most valuable assets is our freedom to build. This freedom is at risk of being restricted more and more with building code requirements.

The Crestone Energy Fair home tours began as a way for people to experience what is possible when art, construction and sustainability come together. The criteria for the homes are that they are owner-built, and also that they are built using sustainable practices. This can mean recycled material was used, they have passive solar heating/cooling, they have high R-values, they use local materials, and so on.  We find it exceptionally important to protect and encourage our creative builders, so we may continue to be a community that is built from the heart.

Our crew is working hard with Saguache County, the Sheriff’s Office and local fire and emergency services to be able to offer a limited number of live audience tickets and vending/booth spaces.  Everyone must register via our website and priority will be given to our past vendors, presenters, sponsors and volunteers.  Please visit  for more information.  The live event will run from 10am-10pm and information will only be given to those registered.

We are building the venue from the ground up, are completely off-grid and need to bring in professional sound, audio visual and livestream crews.  This means more expenses, more physical labor, more time and new applications and permits to be able to meet current safety and health protocols.  If you support off-grid living, alternative housing, new energy solutions, community building, please join us in our volunteer efforts, help us find items on our wishlist (found on website), or consider making a donation so that we can continue to provide this information and education for free.

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Checks can be made out to: Crestone Energy Fair, PO Box 83, Crestone, CO 81131


We appreciate all of the guidance and wisdom we are receiving from mentors and off-grid professionals to make this event accessible to all, to put new protocols in place, and be safe.  And a deep bow of gratitude to our sponsors & partners who believe in us:  Saguache County, ScSEED, Town of Crestone, The Crestone Eagle, Hemp Lucid, The Colorado Trust, 1st SouthWest Bank, Joyful Journey, Valley Roots Food Hub, Artisanal Boards Buildings, Terra Media, Golden Turtle Sound, Rainbow Lightning, Treaphort, MetaMyth, The Sonic Apothecary, SLVoices, Flaming Lotus Creations, Guise Designs and The Eventualizers.

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*The Oppenheimer Ranch Project is an experiment in high alpine sustainability in Pagosa Springs, CO. They are transforming 50+ acres of high alpine wilderness into an off-grid, self-sustaining homestead. An earthship residence is one of the many alternative construction styles they are utilizing on their organically grown permaculture farm.  Geothermal greenhouses are also being integrated into all designs.  Selecting Diamond as our keynote speaker brings our community new ideas and solutions and forms a stronger regional network of like-minded individuals who believe in sharing knowledge and resources.