The Crestone Eagle • July, 2021

A tribute to Linda Joseph for her service to Saguache County

by Sandia Belgrade, 

Saguache County News 


It is with sadness that I offer this tribute to Linda Joseph for her presence and service to Saguache County. Her contributions can be seen as a flow of her dedication to service over the years rather than just as a list. From 2007-2015, Linda was the first woman elected to serve on the Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) in its history, which is approaching 155 years. Prior to that she had served on the Planning Commission. With her background in nursing she was an appropriate liaison to the Regional Emergency Medical and Trauma Services advisory councils (RETAC). Linda was the County Designated Health Director/Quarantine Officer and chaired the County Board of Health. In 2013 she was named as the Chair of the County Commissioners. At different times in her 8 years, she served as representative to the Gunnison Basin Sage Grouse Strategic Committee; was the liaison to the County Library District; the SLV Development Resources Group economic and community self-development projects; the Senior Citizens Liaison, SLV Council of Governments, Executive Board and the Tourism Council liaison. Linda was on the State Board of Human Services, a Governor-appointed position. In 2015 she helped draft the Saguache County Strategic Plan.

Many of her efforts are still affecting the well being of our county today. Linda moved to appoint as Co-County Administrators Wendi Maez and Lyn Zimmer. That proved very wise as Maez is now serving as the County Administrator. Linda appointed Richard Drake as the alternate for the Moffat/Villa Grove area on the Planning Commission on which he still participates.

Linda was a founding member of ScSEED, the Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development group and served on its board. ScSEED has made a very positive contribution to our county. Linda was a well-loved member of the greater Crestone community and one contribution alone ensures her legacy: the “view corridor.” She ensured that we would have this corridor which runs along either side of Road T from above the Kiosk to the POA. It was created so that there would not be any building or commercial uses on that open space. It preserves the marvelous, unobstructed view of the mountains we enjoy daily. For that, along with all her other contributions, she will be fondly remembered. More than one person I spoke with said “Linda was an awesome person!”