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Classified advertising in The Crestone Eagle is a great way to go!  Whether you’re selling something, renting a house, or looking  for something to buy, the classified ads are a cost effective option.

We’ve been told by several of our readers that they read every single class ad!  The reason for this is that we are a relatively small publication, and we are a monthly.  Your ad will be seen for an entire month, both in hard copy and online. See our current month’s classifieds ads, click here.

Classified Ad Rates

Print Version
The submission deadline for the upcoming issue of The Crestone Eagle is the 22nd of the current month.  All ads must be submitted and paid by this date.

Online Version
The Crestone Eagle accepts classified ads for the online version throughout the month. Ads received and paid for by 5pm Friday will appear online the following Monday.

Classified Ad Submission Guidelines

There are a couple of ways to submit your ad.  Keep in mind that your payment must be received concurrently with your ad request.

Online Form
1. Submit your classified text here.
2. You will receive an email from us regarding payment amount, which you can pay by card card online, check, or in person.

In person
Visit us at the Crestone Eagle office on the corner of Cottonwood and Galena, in downtown Crestone. Phone: 719.256.4956 (give us a call to make sure we’re here). If the office is closed when you come, please place your ad + payment in an envelope in the drop box to the left of the door in the vestibule. Write “Crestone Eagle” and your name and phone number on the envelope, and leave it in the box. Envelopes and pens are provided.  All payments must be received at time of submission.

US Mail
PO Box 101, Crestone, CO 81131
All payments must be received at time of submission. Via mail, we accept checks and money orders only. Cash is accepted at the office only.
Phone: 719.256.4956
We accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover.