Friday, April 26 at 5:30 David Barsamian will speak at the Elephant Cloud Studio.  His theme  FROM “I HAVE A DREAM TO I HAVE A DRONE”

Most of you know David’s voice if not his entertaining style of addressing hot topics.   He has  lots of awards and grants from alternative media organizations and  founded and still operates Alternative Radio in Boulder.
We hear his program, interviewing progressives from around the world, on KRZA at 1pm on Fridays.
The late notice may make it difficult for people to attend, but David is enroute to presentations in Taos and Española and offered to speak in Crestone rather spontaneously a few days ago.
He has not been here publicly for several years, but likes to include the Valley in his tours as he resided here in the mid 1980s when he helped start KRZA.