published: September 2019

Announcing the arrival of pickleball play in Crestone

by Robert Wall

At the July 2019 Baca Grande Property Owner Association (POA) public Board meeting, a proposal was presented to enable pickleball play in the Baca Grande.  As reported in the August 2019 Crestone Eagle, there was much excitement among those present for such a proposal.  The concept is to replicate what other cities (e.g., Salida, Buena Vista, and Cañon City) have done, which is to overlay blue lines for up to four pickleball courts on each existing tennis court.  The POA has two tennis courts behind the library, which will allow up to eight pickleball courts.

If you are not familiar with pickleball, go to the Play Pickleball website for a very good overview of this fastest-growing sport in the United States.  In fact, all of the mentioned nearby cities have very active pickleball clubs or communities, as does Alamosa.

As a trial to gauge local interest, two local residents have volunteered to lay out two temporary pickleball courts on one of the tennis courts behind the POA library. Then on Saturday, September 21, from between 9:30am and noon, they will introduce the game of pickleball to Crestone. They will also provide the pickleball nets, pickleball balls, and four beginner paddles. With two temporary pickleball courts, eight people will be able to play at a time. If more than eight people show up, the games can be shortened to allow everyone a chance.

Depending on how this trial goes, the POA will propose a budget for the 2020 fiscal year to include laying out permanent pickleball boundaries.  So, if you want to enable pickleball play in Crestone, please be sure to come out for the exercise, to demonstrate enough interest, and to join the fun.

In the meantime, contact Robert Wall at for any questions or comments.