The 26th Annual Crestone Energy Fair August 27-30 is proud to welcome the Collective Bio-Diesel Conference (CBC) to this year’s event. There will be a welcome reception on Thursday August 27 for the Collective Bio-Diesel Conference at the Crestone Charter School starting at 5pm.   The Collective Biodiesel Conference is geared toward active and open collaboration among participants, including home brewers, grease collectors, multi-million gallon producers, and everyone in between.

The conference is designed to provide sufficient detail for participants to put what they learn, both technical and logistical, directly into action. In addition to open forums and lectures, the conference also features case studies from the front lines of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) renewable energy generation.

Friday, August 28

Friday morning will begin the Collective Bio-Diesel Conference (CBC) education series with the basics of regenerative energy creation for processing bio-diesel starting at 9am.

After the morning education series, a local food lunch will be provided by OFIA. Then the CBC will embark on the chemistry and details of bio-diesel production.  The work session will include information on biodiesel testing, oil seed farming, WVO: strategies and operations and cogeneration concepts.

Friday night the CBC and Energy Fair participants will explore the concepts of SEED Parks:  A SEED Park is an agricultural and natural resource-based park developed to produce products and create jobs through sustainable environments and economic development  The basic premise is that an eco-industrial park will be comprised of businesses that utilize each other’s by-products in order to move to a zero waste existence.

Saturday, August 29

Saturday morning the CBC education series will tackle the broader picture of Biodiesel Processing.  Covering topics such as, Methanol recovery, glycerin utilization, SVO design and strategies, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Commercial Renewables in the San Luis Valley.

Simultaneously on Saturday morning, the Energy Fair participants will gather in the post office parking lot, at 9am, to embark on the initial home tour of this year’s event.  We will tour a group of completed structures with a focus on design components and integrated energy systems.

Lunchtime will find both groups coming together again for a communal-style feast and idea sharing.

The CBC and CEF will combine for the Saturday afternoon education series.  Collectively we will tackle Regenerative Energy Systems and the basics of siting, thermal mass vs. insulation, and the dynamics of Passive Solar Design.

At the close of Saturday’s education series, we will converge on Little Pearl Park for a family-style cookout with music and vendors.  Throughout the day Saturday, Little Pearl Park will be bustling with vendors displaying everything from cottage industry crafts to solar and other energy system demos.  The day will be enhanced by the melodic sounds of our local musicians.  The evening will end with dancing under the stars.

Sunday, August 30

Sunday, the CBC shuttles will begin departing to transport participants to DIA.  Alternately, there will be a series of self-guided tours to commercial facilities around the valley for those who would like to see live commercial bio-diesel examples.

The Energy Fair participants will embark on a second home tour.