Neighbors Helping Neighbors for Amenta

Dear Editor,

There is a new account with Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Everyone wants to help Cathy Amenta during her health crisis, so we have opened an account through NHN in her name at Aventa Credit Union.  Send contributions to P.O. Box 822 and put her name on the check.  I know it will be appreciated because she won’t be able to work for 2 months.

Also remember we are still collecting funds for Kalisama. She has an account with NHN as well.  It’s one way we can send her our love.

Thank you,

NHN board

Chloe thanks

Dear Community,

Our family wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all in this caring community.  You have sent prayers, conducted fundraisers, and sent encouragement to Chloe.

Chloe is now out of the hospital and is in the second phase of healing.  She is receiving rehab and is doing well.  This is no less than a miracle.

Bless you,

Bon Dellegar

Library fundraiser a success

The Northern Saguache County Library District extends our deep thanks to Tshering Dorji, Ling Wang and Bill Ellzey for the fundraiser they put together for the Crestone-Baca Grande Library project. About 70 people gathered at the Desert Sage on March 12 for an evening of incredible food (a Himalayan buffet prepared by Tshering) and stunning photos of Zambia, Tibet and Bhutan (shot and presented by Bill).  The evening was a success, with the proceeds going toward the new library project.

The NSCLD thanks all who came and supported this fundraiser, and we’re especially grateful to Tshering, Ling and Bill!

CEOLP says thanks

To the Eagle staff and the Crestone-Baca community,

On behalf of the Crestone End of Life Project (CEOLP) and Informed Final Choices, I’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to  Gussie Fauntleroy, Kizzen and the Eagle staff for publishing the full page article on the services provided by CEOLP as well as including a sidebar on the March 14 Registration Event. As a result, the event was a wonderful success!

Special thanks go to Dick Blumenhein for offering the cafe space in the Galena Street building as the event location. Appreciation to Dara and Shirley at the Crestone Realty Office for their assistance in setting things up for us.

More than 40 community members came to register (and a few out-of-towners who were disappointed to find that they couldn’t.)  The mood was jolly, David Lindsey and Michael Divine singing disco songs as they completed their forms while Rainbow Adler, Jeannie Krogh and Marilyn Bunker answered questions and guided registrants through the process.

If you weren’t able to attend and do want to register, call Lorraine Cazier at 937-7802 for information.

Remember: Statistics show that human mortality rates are holding steady at 100%! No fooling!

Stephanie Gaines

Crestone End of Life Project

Informed Final Choices

Don’t let cats outdoors

Dear Editor.

As cat owners and bird lovers, we write to strongly disagree with one aspect of the “As the Worm Turns” column in the March issue. The suggestion given is that one should use cats to protect one’s garden from destructive animals, such as rabbits, chipmunks (and “robins”?!). The author says it is “unfortunate” that in the process her cat killed birds.

One should be alert to the fact that outdoor cats have a devastating effect on bird populations.  Recent studies involving tiny video cameras on cats indicate that cats kill as many as 1 billion birds in a year in the U.S. alone. There is no greater cause of the decline of the songbird populations.

One should note that Tabby does not bring home all she kills. The study showed that the “trophies” returned home only represented a small percentage of the devastation. So, the author’s assessment of the carnage wrought by her cat is probably understated.

In Saguache County, we are blessed with a diversity of resident and migratory bird species, some of which are threatened, and most of which exist at the edge of survival in our desert ecosystem. The cumulative impact of free roaming cats on our ecosystem is catastrophic. (For more information see:

As an antidote to the unnatural forces threatening our avifauna, why not create your landscaping and garden to attract and assist birds? In fact, according to an article in the March 11 New York Times entitled “A Chickadee’s Guide to Gardening” by Douglas Tallamy, birds may protect your garden far more than cats!

Thus we urge all gardeners and all of us: Please keep your cats indoors!

Thank you,

John & Bayard Cobb