Good job

Dear Editor,

I was happy to read Vince Palermo’s letter to the editor in the February issue of the Eagle “In praise of POA maintenance crew.”  He stated that the crew “makes our lives more manageable and safer.”  I couldn’t agree with Vince more. I have the highest appreciation of Shawn and his crew. About every three or four years we have these torrential rains that wash out some of the roads here. A few years ago a car even fell into a wash out alongside the road on Panorama. Shawn was out in the middle of the night in a heavy rain, trying to save houses from being flooded. He was digging trenches and so forth. I appreciated him then and I appreciate him now.  I really think that he and the others who work on the maintenance crew are incredible assets to those of us who live in this community.

Terry Godfrey

Key Club Thanks

Dear Community,

We did it! Thanks to your generous support, Moffat School Key Club raised over $1000 during our annual Prime Rib Dinner. Your support is an investment in our students and is helping to create our future community leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and so much more. For the last five years your help has shown that investing in our students has ripple effect through our community.

Our students devote their time to social enterprise, service to community, and supporting their peers. All of the Key Club members have been open to learning a multitude of lessons that will help carry them into the future. This year our Key Club has started a school-wide recycling project. We donate new stuffed toys to the Heart of the Rockies Hospital to comfort children having surgery or staying for an extended time in the hospital. Key Club also donates monies earned during Trick or Treat for Unicef to provide clean drinking water and nutrition around the world. We collect items to create blessing bags for the homeless and we do a Can Food Drive for our local food banks.

Thank you,

Moffat School Key Club

Into the great unknown

Dear Editor,

For the past decade I have had the great honor of being the Group Event Coordinator for Joyful Journey Hot Springs and a Victim’s Advocate for the Saguache County Sheriff’s Department.  This has been one of the happiest and most joyful times of my life.  I have shared love and laughter and tears and hugs with so many of you.  If you are reading this, there is a great chance that you have touched my life.

On May 1 I will leave Joyful Journey and my volunteer work with the County to move on to the next phase of my life.   As many of you know, I have been a non-denominational minister for over 21 years.  I am now taking that ministry to Central America where I have joined the Ministry of Compassionate Care and will be working with the Belize Chaplain Services to try and make peace among the gangs as well as those in prisons.  I also hope to start a program for the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  So, in a nutshell, I am “taking it to the streets” (feel free to hum a Doobie Brothers tune now).

As I leave here I take with me every drop of love and compassion and light that you have bestowed upon me during my time here.  None of it will be wasted.  It is with much gratitude that I take what you have given and will spread it to the world.

I will be at Joyful Journey between now and May 1 giving and receiving all the hugs I can.  I will remain a part-time resident of my beloved Villa Grove until October.

There is a Zen saying I follow . . . “Go, not knowing where.  Do, not knowing what.”  So . . . as I go off into the great unknown I wish you the best day ever, my dear friends, family and neighbors.  Thanks for all the love.

Reverend Marquita M. Oliver

Violence not a tall tale

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to Slim Wolfe’s letter in the March issue questioning Kizzen’s assessment of her old neighbor’s bedside visit late one night. Many a woman has been saved from attack by trusting her gut and using her wits in the way that Kizzen described. Probably just as many have been violated when they override their gut with rational thoughts like, “Maybe he’s just being friendly.” Violence against women is no tall tale. It happens every day. Denial and trivialization help to keep it alive.

Jan Foster Miiller

Long lost integrity

Dear Editor,

Last month’s Eagle editorialized and agonized against “loss of integrity” in an untested POTUS while ignoring irony or the serial lack of the same within itself. This is, after all, a “news”paper that was so wrong for so long regarding any such assessments or aspersions regarding the reign of King Barry, who literally punctuated his lies with literal punctuation! With the exception that Obama’s deceptions became those laws that he did deign to implement and enforce. (As opposed to those laws he fecklessly failed to execute or unilaterally, and unconstitutionally, declared void!)

Examples such as: “If you like your Health Care plan you can keep it—period!”—even as it ceases to exist along with such nebulous concepts as choice, autonomy or affordability. (Apparently putting it in the title was enough to leave it out of the law!)

Or that there “isn’t a smidgen of scandal at the IRS-period!” even as the IRS continued the exposed scandals of partisan parsing and application of tax trust and laws it otherwise ignored (including the current illegal leaking of even non-damning proprietary information on the current POTUS).

So editorializing with hyperbole, hysteria and hypocrisy a President constitutionally selected, and democracy demonstrated by scores of millions, endures the typical progressive perversion of actual meanings. By these means “discussion and disagreement” morphs into endless opposition and resistance, regardless of what’s actually opposed or whatever efforts demand resistance—the source being sufficient for those too intolerant for either.

Even if The Donald “merely” heralded heroes or honored widows, the hate-filled and fueled of the pure and progressive would still oppose and resist—as has already happened. Even the wife and children of this POTUS aren’t immune from invective and insult, since common decency and respectful restraint eludes the self-designated elites, their mindless minions and the mendacious parrots of progressive mantras.

Jeffrey H. Miller

Saguache, CO

Pet Partners issue

Call for Help

On the average Pet Partners receives about a dozen calls for help each week. The vast majority of those calls come from community members here in Crestone and the Baca. A small number of calls come from further out like Moffat and other small communities along Highway 17.  If at all possible, we try not to ever turn down a call for help. Generally we find a way to help or make a useful referral.

About half of the calls relate to an animal’s need for food, shelter or medical care. We work with the pet owner and arrange to take care of those needs. This is where all of your financial contributions go. Thank you so much for your consideration, compassion and generosity.

The other half of calls for help relate to unattended or neglected animals, rescues from abusive situations, finding new homes when a household’s circumstances change, finding loving homes for new litters (minimal now that we have regular spay/neuter clinics), and the need for immediate, temporary pet care when the owner has medical or other emergencies. Pet owners, community members and neighbors know to call us in most of these situations. Our local sheriff and EMTs also know to call Pet Partners in emergency situations.

Most of these types of calls can be handled on the phone or by posting needs on Facebook. A small portion of these calls require a person to go see what the situation is or to go pick up an animal. Generally Elaine Johnson or I handle all of these types of calls. Recently it has become apparent that sometimes in emergency situations neither of us is immediately available. In some situations it is vital to go right away.

This is a call for help from Pet Partners!  We need help from community members who can be “on-call-as-needed” to help with looking into an animal’s needs, or picking up animals in emergency situations and/or providing immediate, temporary foster care. If you can help please call Patrick at Pet Partners at 719-588-6431, or Elaine at 719-256-5887 so we can put you on the “on-call-as-needed list.”

Our goal is to establish a list of community members we can call on for help when needed. We do not anticipate this to be a large or continuous burden for any one volunteer. Thank you for considering helping in this way. Please volunteer.

Thank you!

Patrick Meyer

Alternate news on executive orders

President Trump this week signed an executive order repealing gravity. “Oh yeah,” he tweeted, “the cosmos has been messing with us, but that stops today, believe me.” He signed another executive order repealing evolution.
“I know some people may think I’m a bully, but don’t worry, America, just trust me. Americans will never again have to be descended from monkeys, well, not not tall white Americans with big hands, anyway.”

In a separate action the president abolished the order of President. “From now on, you will refer to me as the Prince of Humbug.” Prince of Humbug was originally the domain name claimed by sensationalist showman P.T. Barnum over a hundred and fifty years ago, who made a fortune with public displays of freaks and other fake oddities. The President’s legal advisors explained that Barnum’s copyright had expired and had not been renewed. “America shouldn’t have to settle for a president, when it can have its own prince,” they added. “Now we’ll enjoy a leadership wearing gold-striped trousers, frilly shoulder-pads, and jewelled crowns.” Asked how much the transition might cost, the Press Secretary Spicer said, “five million Filipinos illegally voted for crooked Hil.

Fool’s Netwook News 4U

Slim Wolfe