published: September 2009

Are you living in the 5th dimension yet?  The philosopher’s stone

by Ruth E. Pulver

Who by now, has not heard of the fifth dimension, and has not asked her/himself, what exactly is this state? Is it real, do I feel it, should I feel it, and so on. Or even, does it have anything to do with 5G?

Myself being one of them, I decided to do some research and have come to some more understanding of this “mystery-dimension”, insights  which I would love to share here with you.

I remember, that now more than 20 years ago, when we owned a 3D camera, how amazed we were that on a 2-dimensional piece of paper one definitely could see the third one, perceive the depth in it, the pictures were spacial, much more real in depicting the scenes, the people, a tree, a dog.

Of course it was still a two-dimensional picture, but one could see the third in it. Now imagine someone had taken the same picture with some laser camera, and now you would even see auras around the people, the trees and the animals.

Then you would have perceived something from the fifth dimension!

So, it has to do with time, space, energy and our perception.

Alone with the technology of the telephone and later the internet, we have conquered space and time to a large degree, as it would take hours or days to meet with the person face to face. We can make that audio-connection (their real voice at the same time!) within seconds. Will we also learn how to touch that person long-distance? Not yet, but possibly their smell could be transferred and their aura, and patients get already diagnosed long distance in many places. Landing out of space somewhere, light years away, yes we know how to do this too.

So what about time? In the 5th dimension, they who claim to know, say that there is only one time, including the past and the future. All is happening in the now. Only in the now.  There certainly is a truth to this one, when we think about our dreams, visions, longings, recallings of the past, traumas, imaginations, they too are alive.

Now to the energy in the 5th dimension; it is said to be much less dense, vibrating at a far higher frequency, thus exposing much more details in colors and textures of whatever you are looking at, it will show radiation around it.

Question is whether we can perceive it also with our human eyes or possibly feel it in our bodies, our hearts? Yes, they say. The main obstacle to easily tapping successfully into the energy of the 5th dimension is in our mind, our per-conceptions, ideas, beliefs, addictions, and most of all, our fears, in short, more or less our ego.

That a stubborn mind acts as an obstacle in seeing clearly is already known to us, so this one is rather easy to comprehend.

Outside in nature, relaxed and with our hearts open, we should easily feel this all-bonding, all-unifying energy, and yes, we may even hear the sound of the universal OM or some other music of the spheres. It is—supposedly—an energy responding to the heart, influencing even the heartbeat.

The 5th dimension’s energy presence is accelerating at an ever-faster speed,  accessing more receivers all the time. One could compare it to a virtual radio station one listens to by tuning in.

The fact that the Universe itself is expanding fast and faster all the time could be a sign that we asked to stay in step.

Possibly, we are also asked to fine tune our instruments of perception, clean out the chunk in the attics of our mind, let go of grievances and negative emotions, and spend more time in nature with our hearts open.

Let’s not forget that “letting go” of old pain requires going through a process of healing; often we need to grieve first, before we can release the pain which has blocked the free flow of energy for decades!

There is science behind behind this “discovery” and proofs can be retracted from quantum physics and string theory; don’t ask me more on that subject.

But is it really new or is it a new language for something that existed all along?

Looking at language in poetry and teachings that mystics and wise men have used for many centuries, we find many analogies to the ways the New Age describes the experience in the 5th, in spiritual concepts, whether called awakenings, communion, union, ecstasy—or as in descriptions of the opposite state, like being in the “dark night of the soul,” feeling removed from God.

That the perceived presence of this vibrational-spiritual-electric energy is accelerating and becoming more accessible to those open to experience it, I totally dig, after tuning in just a little, and I also find the new attention it gets very encouraging! Let’s accelerate!

We are finally getting our third eye or something like that.

Embrace and use it. It’s free, gratis, and not boring. Free of charge and free of impact.

Now is 5G, the wide band ultra internet, Verizon already signed up for, related to 5D?  Please someone else explain 5G to me, but it seems that its “ultra” implications are not well known yet, we never had it before.

The only thing I could guess on this technology’s behalf: 5G will most likely not be gratis, nor demand nothing from us. We might pay a good price for that one. Let’s find out more. Getting ourselves more into 5D may help us get more answers about 5G.

Good luck everyone!