Small community over hundreds of miles

Dear Editor,

Thank you so very much to all who sent cards, called, emailed and contacted me in person after our beautiful son and beloved brother Jesse Greye Eagle Peterson tragically drowned in Willow Lake on Memorial Day weekend.

Your outpouring of love and true caring show again what it means to live in this incredible small community spread over hundreds of miles.  Jesse will be missed every day and every night, and only with your love and support will that reality be bearable.

Thank you all for your offers of help, food, and support in general.  It means more than I can ever express in words.  Thank you so much to both Saguache County offices of Clerk and Assessor for your compassion and understanding.

Thank you to all involved in the search and eventual recovery—you know what your work means to all of us.

Thank you to R. for your strength and to J.H. for your continuing guidance.

With deep gratitude and love,

Peter Peterson


Massages benefitted NHN

Dear Editor,

Thank you Crestone for coming out to show your support and offering your generous donations for “EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week” benefiting Neighbors Helping Neighbors. It was a great success and many people received free chair massages at the Saturday Market. Special thanks goes to Wayne Hallstrom and Jackie Pena for contributing their time and skillful hands to this charitable event. What an honor to work with both of you and all the members of our great community.

In loving gratitude,

Cathy Amenta

NHN board member



Dear Steve and Jane, Alex, and Anne,

We stand in solidarity with you who have experienced so deeply the effects of substance abuse as it translated on a cold February night into violent attempts at breaking into your homes and injuring your persons.  Of the traumas you have born, we pray that you have felt the support of community.  To a person, we hold your actions, Steve and Jane, heroic in answering a neighbor’s emergency call.  And, never desiring mere probation, we do appreciate the July 18 verdict that sentenced the offender, Calvin Tibbs, to 4 years (less 144 days served) in a Community Correctional facility.  We hope this sentencing after a harrowing event has brought some degree of closure for you and pray that injuries to Steve’s wrist and knee will heal in time so that he can gainfully work again.

This violence shook our community, its effects complex.  There were the obvious violations you each experienced.  There was also Calvin’s remorse, his reading while in the Saguache jail of the Bible and other books of spirit and peace, and the letter of forgiveness he wrote to an abusive father.  Thus, we appreciated your powerful testimonies and statements that brought palpable objectivity to the courtroom—the offender (so under the influence that he recalled none of his actions) finally facing the facts of that life-altering night.  And also, we gladly received Judge Martine Gonzalez’ words that “Prisons are for those beyond help” and, to Calvin, “I haven’t given up on you.”

We, inexperienced in this noble work and humbled by yourselves and this process, have learned and grown.  We thank you for your gifts to our community as we also thank those who visited the defendant in counsel and hope.

Please know that you, and anyone interested in the possibility of restorative justice, are invited to make your contributions . . . so informed now by experience as well as community.

The Crestone/Baca Restorative Council


Cyriacks announces candidacy for county commissioner

Dear Editor,

I am Lisa Cyriacks and I am running for Saguache County Commissioner, District 1.  As an unaffiliated candidate, I could only access the ballot through the petition process.  I turned in 19 petitions collecting more than five times the number of signatures required.

As a “truly independent” candidate, I was able to reach out to a broad spectrum of voters. This freed me up to identify which community issues are important, and to hear from voters which issues are important to them, rather than following party dictates.

People responded well to my message of setting aside special interests and partisan interests in favor of what serves all of Saguache County.  There is a strong recognition among Saguache County citizens that we need a sound local economy in order to participate in a regional economic framework.

The reality is that if we value our communities and our lifestyle in Saguache County, we need to improve our economic status.

As your elected county representative, I will undertake the responsibility to create a healthy and stable economy in which citizens can conduct business and achieve financial goals that benefit the county at large.  My experience and extensive background have prepared me to meet the challenge of economic growth that is tangible. Not just something we talk about—but economic solutions that are implemented.

My more controversial work in working with elections integrity and successfully challenging local leaders to be more accountable and responsible has sometimes led to criticism of me and outright malicious defamation of my character by those so challenged. I have never been charged with, investigated or prosecuted for any of these alleged violations. If you want to know the truth, ask questions.

I am the best candidate to fight for our local interests and provide strong, competent leadership. Our success as a rural county will be the result of working together.

Call me with your concerns and questions. Thank you for your vote on November 6.

Lisa Cyriacks, 719-256-4140


Thanks for support

To my fellow Saguache County residents:

Thank you for your support during the primary election.  I am honored to be chosen as the candidate to represent the Democratic Party for Sagauche County Commissioner for District 1.

Many thanks to Matie Belle Lakish for joining me in a campaign where the candidates treated each other with kindness and respect. I look forward to the general election campaign continuing in a similar civil manner.

Special thanks to all of the folks who invited me into their homes and shared both their inspirations and concerns for the future of Saguache County. It is my goal to build on these ideas as we move toward a county with a thriving, diverse economy, an efficient local government, and a commitment to preserve our way of life in all of its incredible diversity throughout this vast and beautiful land.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, November 6!

Jason Anderson


To Ami, a beloved


Bringing joy, a quick lick and sharp bark

Covered in soft curly black and white hair at 5 pounds of pure energy

Wishing you well on your

new journey and quick return.

—D’Lane your other mom


Storyville thanks

Dear Editor,

Well, the Storyville team did it again. I was able to attend Storyville III which was held on Father’s Day at Shumei, another success! Watching Storyville productions, I find myself feeling the whole range of emotion, joy to sadness. The stories are touching and entertaining, the performers excellent.

Thanks to Ammi Kohn, Richard Collier, and AmmiLama Productions – and of course, the story tellers. I will be looking forward to the next installment. Crestone is fortunate to have so much talent!


Wendy Chanden