Thank you Vicki!

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank Vicki Matthews and her commitment to Rahula Community Preschool. Vicki’s patience, kindness and love-filled heart have left a mark on many of the youngsters in our community over the years. Her dedication to our children has gone above and beyond and we wish her the best in her new adventures!

You will be missed,

Amanda Woodward & John Tembrock

Amy and Nanda King-Zipp

Angela & Jason Anderson

Ann Bunting & Tom Dessain

Carrie Robertson

Cristina Cabeza-Kinney and Adam Kinney

Deana & Josh Wilfong

Diana Moats

Erin &Talmath Lakai

Jenn Weede and Dave Levine

Kaley Van Arsdale

Kelly Hosner Del Amor & Matthew Crowley

Krissy & Rocky Hedstrom

Lauren Wood

Mark Jacobi & Chris Canaly

Nahoko Furuoka

Pattison Kane

Solea Siru

Vesper Gers & John Michael Wickett

Thomas & Cindy Cleary

April Thomas & Jim Vanderpool

And 15 years of other grateful parents!

New phone book in the works

Dear Editor:

The new NHN phone book is in the works now.  If you want a listing or need to change anything, email me at  We also have some advertising space left. This 2015-2016 book will be out by the Crestone WinterFest time.  Thanks for your help with this project.   

Lynda Kucin

Thanks for the support

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank everyone who supported me in the recent primary election—both those of you who voted for me and those of you who wrote letters of endorsement. I have talked to many of you and have noted your comments. I will continue to visit with voters and listen to your concerns. Please feel free to contact me.

Tim N. Lovato

Congratulations & thank you

Dear Editor,

The Baca Grande Friends of the Library wishes to thank all who supported the FOL “Root Beer Float” booth this past Independence Day.  Another very nice community success.  And, special thanks to all those kind and generous souls who donated their time and energy working at the booth, scooping out yummy ice-cream, pouring soda, making change.  Special thanks to:  Suzanne, Barry, Sandia, Ed, Ginny, Barbara, Shirley, Mitzi, Alison, Pavita, Fran, Sarah (who drove over from Saguache to help), and very special thanks to Barry who helped set up, take down and clean up.

Much heartfelt thanks to all.

Thom Ontko,

FOL Chair

Thanks to the Drakes

Dear Editor,

A big thank you to Richard and Virginia Drake for donating the rounds of wood for the Crestone Music Festival’s wood chopping contest.  Richard made a special trip into the mountains to harvest dry lodge pole pine. It is some fine looking wood!

Many thanks

Janet Woodman,

for the Crestone Music Festival

NHN Great big thanks

Dear Editor,

Neighbors Helping Neighbors would like to thank the Saguache County government and all the commissioners for the $3000 grant we recently received.

This grant will be used to help people outside of the Crestone/Baca area, but who live in Saguache County.

We want our commissioners to know that we greatly appreciate all of their hard work throughout our county. Thank you.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to Bon Dellegar for her many years of service as our NHN president. She will be greatly missed.

We have recently elected a new president and are happy to introduce Lynda Kucin as our president and Rodney Volkmar as our Vice President. Our board of directors are Judy Arnold, Treasurer; Lynn Ertle, Secretary; Joany Peterson, Director; and Renee Hill, Director.

Look for some exciting fundraising events coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Thank you for all your support.

The board members of NHN

Brooks announces POA board candidacy

Dear Editor,

You might remember that some months ago I wrote a letter to the editor proposing the question: Why go to a POA board meeting? I ended it by saying “you just might surprise yourself.”  Well, surprise myself I did, as I now find myself, and welcoming the fact, that I’m running for the board. This was certainly not my intention when I first started going to the meetings, however, I found the meetings very enlightening. I find the process of governing/managing, rather than politics, intriguing, meaning we should avoid being ruled by strong political position, that we should enter into an issue willing to really listen and explore options.

My emphasis would be to stress the process of governing the POA in a calm, business-like way, using committees as a way of gathering facts while also incorporating input from the community. A skilled managerial staff/management company is also an important part of such an effort.  Direct community input via regular (quarterly?) group meetings would be very important to me as would better ways of communicating with non-resident owners.

My position/concerns of the issues revolve around integrity, professionalism and continuity as we strive for sustainable growth. We have a very unique community and a chance to see if we can govern with the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. Let me know your concerns and proposals for resolving at 719-256-4480 or email I ask for your vote.


Sugandha Brooks

Theriault announces as POA board candidate

Dear Editor,

No one could be more surprised than I am that I have decided to run for the POA board.  I have lived here for 12 years and never attended a board meeting until about a year ago.  I came here for the peace and I heard those meetings were not very peaceful!

Then, last year a lawsuit was filed against three members of the board contesting the procedure and results of the 2012 board election. Apparently mistakes had been made because there is some ambiguity in the governing documents as to how an election is to be conducted and much is left to interpretation.  The results of the election would not have been any different but the lawsuit continued against all reason and cost thousands in legal fees paid by you and me. It was finally settled in mediation last spring.

At this time we have 3 board members who were plaintiffs in that lawsuit.  Bruce McDonald and Nigel Fuller ran unopposed last year due to the climate of fear created by their lawsuit.  They then appointed Janie Thomas, another plaintiff in the lawsuit, to fill the seat vacated by Russell Schreiber, whose resignation was one of the stipulations of the mediation agreement.  Does anyone but me wonder what is wrong with this picture?

This past year has been emotionally charged as we watched this current board whittle away at the good will in our community.  But we are a creative community and I believe we can resolve conflicts without litigation.  What’s required is a willingness to participate in thoughtful discussion and explore ways to create a “win-win” rather than an “us-and-them” situation.

I very much want to be part of that discussion and invite you to join me.

I humbly ask for your vote.

Joanna Theriault

(pronounced ‘Tarrio’, if you’re curious!)

Peterson endorsement

Dear Editor,

As we approach the November election, I would like to endorse the candidacy of Pete Peterson for Saguache County Assessor.  I find Pete to be a man of good character and patient disposition. He brings integrity and experience with him to this position and I encourage us to vote him into this office.

Most sincerely,

Mark Jacobi

Dear People at the Gas Pump

Dear People at the Gas Pump,

I asked you to move your smoking while I filled my tank and you didn’t.  It was a simple request, on behalf of my daughter who witnessed you making me “The Man”. I get it.  Fresh from society and all the havoc it can reap.  You probably withstood some woundings along the way, other people telling you what to do . . . who hasn’t?  But, I asked.  Your authority issues aren’t with me.  Trust me.  Whether we like it or not we are on the same team.  Dear People at the Gas Pump and The New Kids on the Block of Crestone.  Disrespecting and righteously discounting my request will not give you your power back.  By unconsciously trying to bully me and my daughter, you already gave your power away.  But, I am not your authority and I won’t take your power.  I earned my own . . . thank you.  Dear People at the Gas Pump, welcome to our town.  Kindness will get you a lot further here and maybe then I’ll listen to your poetry.

In solidarity,

Cristina Cabeza-Kinney

Camino: A unique Crestone experience

Dear Editor,

This is to express sincere appreciation to William Howell, founder of Camino de Crestone and to everyone who made our June Camino such an extraordinary experience.

William’s vision, to create the world’s first inter-faith pilgrimage, has taken an incredible amount of creativity, planning, organization and coordination. The result was a truly successful and unforgettable week visiting and being warmly welcomed by many of our spiritual centers. Although I had been to several centers previously, I gained a deeper understanding by participating in their traditions, from ceremonies, meditation, in-depth discussions, to sharing a meal. We enjoyed comfortable accommodations, good food and camaraderie. On the Camino each activity was fresh and new, infused with the energy and insights of our group of 10 people.

I gained a huge appreciation for the unique community in which we live. As we walked the pilgrimage route, gazing at our beautiful mountains and spectacular valley, I heard the group members marvel at the surroundings we enjoy every day. Our group discussions and shared experiences solidified our friendship and enriched our experience.

Our schedule was well paced and walking was not at all difficult. Anyone can do it! See for more information and forward it to your friends outside of Crestone. William Howell’s creation celebrates and promotes a unique spiritual experience, available only in Crestone.

Denise Peine

Call for auction items

Dear Readers,

Have you checked your closets, garage and barn lately?  When you take a peek, are you likely to see items that are too good to throw away but are no longer needed? Consider putting them in the Saguache Fall Festival auction. You can donate or consign any item with value. The Fall Festival & Quilt Show will occur on September 20.  Consignment items and/or donations will be accepted until September 17.   

Historically, in connection with the annual Fall Festival, the Saguache Chamber of Commerce holds an auction to support many civic projects. This year, we are starting our search for auction items early.  We are particularly interested in donations of vehicles, equipment, horse gear, tools, construction materials and supplies, art works, jewelry, and craft items.  New creations are particularly needed.  We can provide a place to store items if you need to have them moved early.

This year we will also take consigned items. In a consignment arrangement, items are auctioned and the seller takes home most of the proceeds with a percentage going to compensate the auctioneer and the sponsoring charity. The money generated by the auction will sponsor two local festivals and help support several others. It will also help the chamber do more to help facilitate important economic development projects for Saguache. A successful auction will also help keep the membership dues for the Saguache Chamber low and support our website.

The chamber guarantees that every penny raised will go to civic projects with the betterment of Saguache as the goal. The Saguache Chamber has no paid officials or employees. No administrative fees are ever charged.  We do not support a building or any costly equipment. All chamber work is done by volunteers. So every penny from fund raising and grants goes to our community.

To donate or consign an item or to get more information call Faith O’Reilly at 719-850-2473 or send email to

Carita Ginn