Celebration thank you

Dear Editor:

Writing this letter I am filled with gratitude toward everyone who participated in the 2015 Crestone celebration of Independence Day.  My heartfelt thank you to this year’s sponsors, vendors, volunteers, parade participants, and all who came to enjoy.  I saw many happy faces, young and old alike, enjoying this year’s celebration of America’s birthday.

Serving you as your mayor is a gift to my life.  We are all embarked on an incredible journey together.  This year’s sponsors, vendors, volunteers, parade participants mark a clear beginning for the co-operative venture of creating Crestone’s future now.

Thank you,

Kairina Danforth

Mayor, Town of Crestone

Root Beer Float Special

Dear Editor,

The Friends of the Baca Grande Library wish to thank our community for all the support we received during the 4th of July festival.  The Root Beer Float Special continues to be a fun and successful event for our Independence Day parade and festivities.  This event and others help the Friends to continue to support our library.

Special thanks for all those kind and generous souls who donated their time and energy working at the booth, scooping out lots of yummy ice-cream, pouring soda, making change and helping to keep everything organized.  Special thanks to:  Isadora, Sandia, Peggy, Grace, Shirley, Anthony, Natasha, Carol, Pavita, Ron, Suzanne, and to Barry and Ed for being  there to both help set up and take down the awing, clean up the area and bring the equipment back to the library.  Wow—what great folks, thank you.

Also, very special thanks to Crestone’s Company of Players, who have so very generously donated a large sum of money from the proceeds of their last production to the  Friends of the Library.  Thank you Ammi and Players for you time, effort, generosity and thoughtfulness.

And, many thanks to all those who have recently made personal donations to the Friends and for the new library building fund, including Chuck and Ester Grant, Hamilton & Miriam Brannan, and Kathleen & David Slusser.

Thank you all,

Friends of the Library,

Thom Ontko, Chair

P.S. We wish to welcome back as Vice-Chair for the Friends an old friend and previous  valuable member of the Friends of the Library, Mr. Parvin Johnson.  Yeah!

Shumei fire response story

Dear Editor,

Speaking now as a public citizen, I was dismayed reading the report about the Shumei fire response. The impression given was that there was an issue with the fire hydrants. This is a serious implication that has not been backed up by our investigations. I’ve been in the Baca Water Board room as hydrant maintenance has been covered for many year now, first as an often solitary member of the public, and now as a board director. The District has been fully aware of the critical fire situation in this community, of course. To print such a slanted picture with such basic errors as it contained amounts to a type of negligent defamation of the good work and sincere intent the district has shown through the years around hydrant maintenance. This issue is too important to let some, perhaps careless, misinformation contribute to public worry.

Thank You,

Michael Scully

(Editor’s note:  The Shumei fire article referenced above quoted the incident commander on scene. In any fire, police or search and rescue emergency, the official report is the one given by the incident commander, chief or sheriff.  These are the statements our reporters have to rely on. That article was fact-checked by the IC and another firefighter before it went to press.  It does happen, after a review of an event, differing or corrective information is presented.  We are always willing to print factual corrections.)

Regarding the Shumei structure fire & hydrant

Dear Editor,

We are grateful to the water and sanitation district for supporting a functional water and hydrant system that supplied a water tender relay operation, which allowed the darkening and the extinguishment of the recent Shumei structure fire.

Although the hydrant on the corner of Laurel and Carefree was not utilized for use on the night of the incident for safety and water shuttle concerns, it was utilized in a training a few days after the fire, where it was found to not be operable for the demands of that particular fire incident due to excessive friction loss and significant leaking at the hydrant when connected to several hundred feet of fire hose.

What was learned in this review was that this type of situation in the future may demand a complex multi-engine pumping operation and/or the already established water tender shuttle relay.

Chris Botz, BGVFD Fire Chief

Peter May, Incident Commander

Naturopathy & botanicals in Moffat

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to shed some light on the activities going on at the green octagonal building in Moffat.  While some consider it the bus stop for Denver, or a parking lot to leave their cars for other reasons, it is actually the office space of Wildwoods Botanicals and Kim Engard, who is a Doctor of Naturopathy.

Dr. Engard and I have known each other since 1989, first meeting in Howard, Colorado.  She worked, studied, and obtained her doctorate, herbalist, acupuncturist, chiropractor degrees over the years while I practiced living as an artist and community organizer.  We reconnected last summer when she visited my website (after reading The Crestone Eagle). By luck, she had also purchased our previous home in the Baca Grants subdivision that my husband Eric had built.  How synchronistic is that?

Dr. Kim Engard practiced full time in Arizona for 12 years and is currently working from both the Moffat and her AZ office every month.  While the Moffat office is not currently open to the public on a regular basis, Dr. Kim does consult with patients by appointment.  It is also where I work throughout the month as Dr. Kim’s herbalist assistant. I make and ship various extracts that she prescribes to her patients.

Dr. Kim is planning to announce the 20th anniversary of Wildwoods Botanicals soon with much fanfare and will open the Moffat office in celebration.  While it might not look like there’s not much going on at the green octagonal building in Moffat, it’s becoming an integral part of this community, and we are looking forward to sharing the success.

I’m so grateful for this community and for Dr. Kim—what a blessing!

With much love,

Leigh Mills

Liberty Trail Clarification 

In the July Eagle’s Summer Fun hiking article last issue, we mentioned the cabins at Liberty.  Please note that the cabins are on private property.  Please remain on the public trail when hiking out toward the Sand Dunes.