Gratitude abounds

Dear Editor,

I write in gratitude to all who worked so hard to bring together a fun, comfortable, entertaining 4th of July event. It was the first I have attended, but I heard comments from others that it was the best yet.

I want to add another thank you to all those who have brought to reality the vision of the new Crestone downtown improvements. The Town Hall building and all the street, parking and sidewalk additions make it feel like our town is getting such special attention. Crestone provides so well for those of us fortunate to live here, as well as visitors.

I am also going to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Eagle for the great articles, event calendar and connecting the community. You are all appreciated.

Feeling so grateful,

Kelley Michelle


Grange at CrestFest

Dear Editor,

The Energy Fair is at the Crestone Music Festival this year and the Crestone Mountain Grange will have a booth and small team running educational examples of simple living, updates and general info on our projects, as well as a community priorities survey.  A working gray water treatment system (under construction) will be on display. Stop by, say hi, join us!

If you want to help identify and connect a network of others who feel a similar sustainable life calling, share your story with the Grange/HUB.  As a facilitator, I’m attempting to build a community center greenhouse to help enhance educational relationships around living micro-climates and greenhouses, producing food for the young and old to eat and reconnecting the importance of where our food comes from.  I hope it inspires you to contribute your piece to the puzzle.

Hope to see you there,

Nathan Good

Local schmocal

Dear Editor,

Bored and idle, I contemplated what it means to be a local. Anywhere. Specifically here in this corner of the greater San Luis Valley called Crestone, most of which is the Baca.

And I made a free association list of what qualifies one as a local here no matter one’s other roots.

If you can remember:

Frank Snider and his potato gun; The Roadkill Café; The Kitchen Table and when it burned down; Frank Snider biting it on his Harley; Laurie’s Burrito Wagon; Curt’s when it was Kurt’s and his cow’s; The Desert Sage when it was Ken’s (and the Bistro before that); The post office and Monty when the post office was above where Steve McDowell’s Merc is now . . . you’re a local. (Of course the true locals are the flora and fauna, including those that bite.)

Further consideration led to the obvious insight that local history and color continues as a work in progress. And it would be presumptuous of anyone to be the self-assigned definer and arbiter of what constitutes a local in this locale, although there’s much to say on the subject of locals in general.

Yeah, I know, get a blog. Thanks and ciao.

— Douglas Mago

Guadalupe returns!

Dear Editor,

We are bringing the Guadalupe and Goddess Art back to Crestone for a limited time during the music festival! We have so very much missed our friends, the mountains, the stars, the community and the great expanse which had become so deeply woven into our beings over the past two decades of living there. We will have a booth at this year’s music festival and look forward to seeing and touching in with you and many old friends in our “Sanctuary to the Divine Feminine”.

With loving blessings~

Naomi Lake & Jimmy Roderick

Will NATO save us from terrorism?

Who is NATO? And what is it?  Whom does it serve?

NATO  (North Atlantic Treaty Alliance) was formed in 1949 with 12 member states, as a security-alliance against any future Soviet invasion. It is by far the largest military alliance in the world, organized and directed from the Pentagon.

That was at the beginning of a long cold war. This cold war has started to heat up again. Now NATO includes 28 countries, mostly European, but also Canada, has expanded towards Russia by accepting various Eastern European countries, and after united Germany was allowed to enter NATO in 1990, its expansion towards Russia continued, despite a promise not to. At the same time, in 1991 the Warsaw Pact, counter piece to the NATO to the East, was dissolved. Russia finds itself more and more encircled by NATO allies.

So who is NATO? Putin says bluntly, NATO equals the USA, and indeed, he is right insofar as America, in NATO, is calling the shots.

Why do you think German troops (and Danish, French, British, Canadians, etc.) were fighting in Afghanistan, in Irak, and now even in Syria?

It’s due to article 5 of the NATO treaty, which declares that if one of the NATO countries is being attacked, all the NATO countries are considered to be under attack. This article was invoked after 9/11, for the first time in its history, for an attack whose origins are still being investigated.

More recently the enemy of high priority became Muslim countries, where incidentally also lie the largest oil reserves (or passages to them), while Russia, another nuclear power, is getting its pride back and has become a serious threat once more. So serious that Ukraine had to be meddled with so it would not fall into the hands of bad old Russia again.

Divide and rule is an old Roman imperialistic war strategy.  NATO doesn’t want an united Europe. Divided and confused, it is easier to manipulate. Brexit was welcomed for this very reason.

NATO has created and directed illegal secret armies in many European countries, even has been involved in several terrorist attacks in Italy, Germany and Belgium, while blaming the attacks on left extreme and right extreme organizations.

So, will NATO save us from terrorism? Or is it rather a driving force in having created terrorism?

“We will make America great again!” Trumps election slogan. And what does “great” mean, exactly? Controlling the entire world and all its resources? One can imagine how desperately a military power of that extent depends on an unlimited supply of fuel. Not easy to fly those big machines on solar and wind power.

Great at what costs? Permanent war is the program that keeps the Empire, with its industrial-military power-complex going, and NATO gives it all the authorization it needs to do so.

But some people are watching closely. And so should you, if you care about permanent peace.

No permanent peace is possible without unveiling the truth, even if just one piece at the time. Every empire, with its arrogant, immoral and destructive power, sooner or later will fall. Everyone can see what is happening to this country on the inside—domestic terrorism, a challenge so huge that it is dismantling the very foundation of any democracy. Do Americans feel safer now, after another 15 years of oh-so-costly war-faring?

How about, let America become true again, instead of “great”? And instead of, “bless America”,  bless the whole world?

For every life matters! Not after all, but first of all.

—Ruth E. Pulver