Enlightening trees & flowers

Dear Editor,

I want to give thanks from my heart to the Crestone community of people who have put their time and energy into planting trees and flowers in Crestone. Wow—it’s awesome to feel so good to drive downtown and be filled with such renewing energy of beauty and love. We are reflecting one another here, bring more light to the trees and flowers and the trees and flowers bringing more light to us.

In gratitude—blessings for light, peace & love,

Julie Kove

A dancing heart

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for stepping forward and deciding to plant the trees and flowers in our community.

It was you, through your commitment, generosity and hard work that made that happen, and changed the look and feel of our village for the happiness of everyone here. It is wonderful to walk around in downtown Crestone and see the change that was created.

While the flowers and trees are very beautiful,  your affirmation of your heartfelt commitment to your village, your community and to each other is even more beautiful and awesome!

It makes my heart dance to see and feel that here, as I hope it does yours. Truly, no shadow can touch that.

With sincerest gratitude,

Patrick Moore & Kizzen Laki

Come share your wisdom

Dear Friends of Living Wisdom Village,

It feels good to be writing to you.  The Board of Living Wisdom Village would like to review its progress and the next steps we need to take, on Sunday, August 13 from 3-4:30 at the Cloud Station.

1st. We have been studying the Cohousing movement in both Denmark and the United States to see how it might apply to L.W., including a trip to Taos to actually view a cohousing community and talk to its residents.

2nd. In order to receive either government or foundation grants, we need to own land. Therefore, we are seriously looking at land in and around Crestone and the Baca. (There is a possibility of a 7-acre land donation in the Grants.)

3rd.  We will review these possibilities with you and answer questions.

As you can see, this process has been and continues to be quite complex.

We need two additional Board members in order to continue this wonderful and beneficial project.  Findley West left the area because of her husband’s health.  Due to his recent heart attack, Ammi Kohn plans to relocate to another part of the country within the next year.

We are looking forward to meeting with you on Sunday, August 13 from 3-4:30 at the Cloud Station.  Please invite friends and neighbors who might be interested in Living Wisdom Village, Elders Creating Community.


Living Wisdom Village Board,

Ammi Kohn, Kirsten Schreiber, Barbara Hoeppner and Judy DeLuca

Crestone Energy Fair

Dear Editor,

The Crestone Energy Fair captures the essence of the way our community comes together in creative solutions to celebrate our diverse lifestyles and whole life systems. The alternative building, solar technology and hands-on workshops are the heart of the event but I am thrilled to be extending invitations to include other forms of energy exchange.  What do you have to share with the world?  Help us bring in bodywork, sound healing, culinary arts, light therapy, artwork and vendors to showcase the talents and passion of our valley.

Please consider becoming a sponsor for this year’s event . . . submission deadline for workshops, artists and vendors is August 15.  If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at 719-480-5925 or bodeycrestone@gmail.com.  I hope to see you learning, sharing, dancing and playing in Little Pearl Park September 8-10.

Lisa Bodey

Townhouse issues

To the community at large,

I’m writing this, as Manager of the Baca Townhouse Association (BTA), on behalf of the owners of the Baca Townhouses. Issues have been becoming a problem here at the BTA Complex that need to be addressed:

1.) The BTA & Desert Sage dumpsters are not a public dump site. These dumpsters are for the use of the Townhouse owners & renters renting these Townhouses as well as for the restaurant’s trash. Please deal with your own trash. Both organizations pay to have trash hauled off. Maybe I should start going through the trash & send out bills to people who abuse this request.

2.) Loose dogs: Like the Baca POA & the Town of Crestone, there are restrictions about having dogs roaming freely. Even though the Desert Sage is opened to the public it still is part of the BTA Complex (all private property). So please when patronizing the Sage do not let your dog(s) roam freely in the BTA Complex. We would hate to see someone, especially a child, get bitten. And I’m the one who has to clean up the piles left behind.

3.) Events at Colorado College’s Conference Center: Parking is  a problem in the BTA Complex. All circle drives & parking spaces in front of Townhouses, are owned by the BTA for use by the owners & renters.  Parking in the main parking lot, then walking over to the Conference Center, creates a problem for the Sage. People who come to eat at the Sage see the lot is full & think the Sage is busy, then leave. Not good for the Sage’s business. The best way to resolve this issue is to drive around to the main parking lot, over at CC, for these events. Please be respectful to the owners of the BTA Complex with this parking issue.

I hope I have gotten my points across & that you, the public, will be respectful of the owners of the Townhouses, Desert Sage & the Baca Townhouse Association. I thank you in the cooperation with these issues & request.


Fred Lipscomb, BTA Manager

Root-beer float booth

Dear Editor,

The Friends of the (Baca Grande) Library wish to give many thanks to all who participated in helping make the the Crestone Fourth of July parade and celebration successful.  Almost to many to mention, but here goes (forgive me if any one is left out). Much gratitude to Steve and Elaine of the Crestone Mercantile who are very community-minded for ordering the supplies and keeping the ice cream in their freezer until needed. Set-up and take-down helpers who we could not have done without.  Thom Ontko, Barry Monroe, Paul Bobst, John Gallaher, David Lee.

Volunteers to scoop the double-dips of ice cream, keep records and maintain order: Grace Woods, Lorraine Cazier (who spent the better part of the morning helping), Suzanne McGregor (who spent the entire afternoon assisting),  Barry Monroe, Sandia Belgrade, Noona O’Riley, Barbara Hoeppner, Ginny Ducale, Carol Lee, David Lee and yours truly, Thom Ontko (who hung out all day and went home exhausted and pleased.)

Special thanks to all community-minded folks who purchased the delicious “double-dips” topped w/root beer.  Know that your contributions help support our library.

Thom Ontko, Chair,

Baca Grande Friends of the Library

Affordable housing

Dear Editor,

Most of you have probably read or heard about the emerging shortage of affordable housing in Colorado and many other states.  It’s here in Crestone, and having an impact on a number of us who are finding ourselves priced out of the current rental housing market in the Baca Grande area.  The leaps in rents have been rapid and dramatic.  While the causes are many, and there are those concerned who are looking at this issue, the need for solutions is immediate, lest we lose some of these many community members who have been long time residents, making their contributions in many good ways, among them young families as well as older individuals.

As solutions are being explored, one of the ways you can help if you are a property owner who rents, is to consider that a good renter will look after and help you protect your investment, and that a long term renter gives you stability as well.  Even though such a renter may not be able to afford the going rates, someone who cares about your home brings another kind of value to you in the transaction.  Supporting the health and diversity of your community is another value added.

In these times of rapid change, it is more and more apparent that the choices we make have an immediate ripple effect, and therefore require more conscious attention to be brought to bear on our decisions. I hope that those of you who influence or make decisions about rental rates can give thoughtful consideration to those choices and the impact they have on people.  The choices we make now are creating the type of community we will have in the future.

Linda Craig, Tamar Ellentuck, Marta Shoman

Thank you Crestone

Dear Crestone,

I want to take this moment to stop and reflect. You are an amazing community, Crestone. You are a village, elders to babies who haven’t yet arrived. There are many reasons that I love you all. Smiles, hugs and some tears. But you are what makes Crestone a village of love. Yes, we do have some times when things get hard and we don’t know what to do. I turned to my community when I needed help . . .  and the most amazing thing happened, because of each and every one of you who came to my yard sale, who helped on Go Fund Me, and those who came up to me and handed me cash. Bless you all. Thank you, I have the cash to leave. But before I go I want to say I love you all and the memories that I will carry with me always.

Namaste; God Bless; Merry meet, Merry part and Merry meet again,


Better health care

Dear Sen. Gardner,

Please use your power to craft a a better health care bill.Any change to our health care should cover more people, in a simpler way, and cost less.

The House fiasco of a bill gives to the rich and kills the poor and middle class. This is the pattern of this Congress and administration.

Twenty thousand (20,000) Americans die each year from treatable illnesses due to an inability to afford care and the refusal of insurance companies to pay benefits. (This is despite people putting out hundreds of dollars per month in premiums.) The solution to health care is to get rid of the insurance companies and Big Pharma and provide universal coverage.

It was at your Colorado Coffee in January that I spoke with a Trump supporter, a man who used to write software for Blue Cross/Blue Shield-software intended to prevent paying out benefits. He, like the majority of Americans, supports single payer.  If you want to really help your constituents, you will support Sen. Bernie Sanders’s bill for improved Medicare for all. Don’t kowtow to these corporate monsters. Show some spine and stand up for your constituents’ health!

Madeleine Jacobs, MD