The Crestone Eagle • March, 2021

BGPOA discuss Strategic & Action Plan during Zoom ‘town hall’ meeting with members

by John Rowe

The regularly scheduled POA Directors meeting was held on February 8 at 10am via Zoom. All those interested in getting invitations to POA meetings can visit the BGPOA website,, and sign up to have pertinent information emailed to them. General Manager Kevin Flewell facilitated this meeting with all Board members and about 20 property owners in attendance. This was not the ordinary business meeting held every month or so, but instead was a town-meeting sort of format whereby Kevin introduced the topic for the day, the Baca Grande POA Strategic & Action Plan 2021 for an hour, and the member audience offered commentary for another forty minutes. The tentative plan for the rest of this year will be to have regular Board member business meetings every other month and a town-hall-type meeting on alternating months, topics to be determined as time goes on.

Kevin and the Board have been working on this strategic action plan for months now and it is quite involved. Kevin stressed that this is a living document, meant to be altered as the Baca community decides, and is offered to roughly be a five-year plan. Kevin stressed that this is just a starting point and that all POA members will have ample opportunity to suggest changes. About 25 community members were contacted throughout 2020 for input as to the form this plan is to take, was put together by Kevin and all Board members, and has been operational for a few months now. This was presented as a spreadsheet with way too much information to be included here. The overall gist will be included in this report and the entire document is available on the BGPOA website,

The spreadsheet starts out by stating who we are, where we want to go, and how we are going to get there. It begins by stating our Vision: “we are financially sustainable and valued for our quality of life and stewardship of the natural environment and our community assets.” It then states that our Mission is: “to preserve, protect and enhance our property values and enhance our community well-being.” What our Values are comes next; “Integrity, community, accountability, harmony, sustainability, and consistency.”

POA objectives are next, divided up into focus areas, key results, and 2021 measures. Seven categories are listed to address various and sundry specifics. Strategies and specific actions come next, listed in all seven categories. All specific actions are quantifiable and Management and the Board and the Membership will be able to determine how we are doing.

To illustrate how the plan works, one focus area (out of seven total) will be used here to, hopefully, give readers an idea of how this is intended to play out. “Services” is one focus area that is to have the “Key Result” of being delivered in a manner that is “timely, appropriate, accurate, cost effective, and customer-focussed.” An example is given of a “Measure” or 2021 target is to have all building permit applications happen within one week of submittal to the Environmental and Architectural Committee (EAC). Specific short term actions to facilitate this would include including developing EAC guidelines with emphasis on off-site impact.

This example may not be sufficiently illuminating to show just how targeted and specific actions will be; interested readers are encouraged to visit the website to see the document in its totality. The entire list is extensive and meant to let the Board, Membership, and Management know exactly how to proceed and just exactly how we are doing at any point in time with any given issue. Kevin stressed over and over how this is just a starting point and is meant to be subject to the wishes of all property owners. The several-times-a-year community meetings are a primary vehicle for this and there may be others. Kevin and the Board have clearly put in a lot of time and effort into this and all interested audience members were invited to give feedback. Virtually all commentary was positive; those attending seemed to be encouraged that this is a good step forward into the massive task of constructively responding to becoming such a fast-growing community in an increasingly complex world. All property owners are invited to bring all ideas to the table. Moving on from here to become who we want to be and to go where we want to go will indeed be an “it takes a village” enterprise.