The Crestone Eagle • November, 2020

Calling Crestone and North SLV residents! Something big is coming to a neighborhood near you!

Following great success in California, with nearly 100 neighborhoods using the Cool Block program, we are delighted to announce that Crestone has been selected as the first rural community in the world to pilot the Cool Block. The program comprises over 120 of the best practices for energy efficiency actions that reduce your carbon footprint and make them available for everyone through this program.

The County of Saguache, Town of Crestone and the Baca are launching a new program for residents, and we invite your participation.

Do you say “yes” to all or some of the following statements?

“I care about the planet I will leave to our children and the next generations, and I wish to make sure I have done my part to make the future as viable as possible for them.”

“I wish to protect the safety and security of myself and my family in case of an emergency or natural disaster, and recognize that my security and that of my neighbors will be enhanced if we know how to support one another.”

“I have been living on my block for a long time but I don’t really know most of my neighbors and would like to experience a greater sense of community and neighborliness where I live.”

“I would like to lower my environmental impact on the planet by learning how to better conserve resources.”

“I would like to live on a green, friendly and beautiful block.”

“I wish to be part of a movement that is creating the future of our cities and planet.”

With Cool Block you will be supported in developing a practice of shared leadership on your block. You and your neighbors will experience a synergy you had not imagined, becoming more planet friendly, disaster resilient and community rich.

With access to, and support from, successful tools and guidance, you will have a menu of action recipes to choose from. Whether living in an apartment, condo, a house or farm, team members find and select several actions in the various topics available they most want or need to take action in which are practical to do in their household. Discovering, or learning to create local resources which support team members in taking action is fun, educational and a powerful way to make change happen.

The Cool Block program focuses on three main themes: community building, sustainability, and disaster preparation and resilience. By getting to know your neighbors, uniting on a common cause, utilizing supports already in place and accomplishing important goals you can participate in making great changes for your own, and the planet’s benefit.

At the start of the program households are working to change habits within their home. By the end of the program the team is working together on actions that will impact their block, neighborhood, city and planet. Achievements add up within your area to be celebrated!

While the world presents many challenges that seem insurmountable, with the successes already created by the Cool Block program you can jump on board and join in the rewarding experience of making a difference in the world! Experiencing the magical feeling of connecting with others who also wish to make changes for the better, for themselves and for the world around them, cultivates community bonding that feeds the heart of humanity.

With easy and doable actions, support and encouragement, Cool Block consists of 8 meetings spanning 5 months, to get to know your neighbors, discuss sustainability topics, work on actions together, ask questions and share your successes.

The journey is taken right where you live.

This program was put on hold temporarily due to COVID-19 after training 6 block leaders in May. Please come to our second community info session in January 2021 in Crestone and Saguache to learn more about the program and how to get involved.

Go to or email or call 719-626-1321 for further information.