Camino Baca Grande restoration project

published: November 2019

Over the summer subcontractors for San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative installed new infrastructure along Camino Baca Grande south of Two Trees (Camino Real).  In the stretch between Two Trees and Rocky View Way—the entry way to many of our local Spiritual Centers—the work resulted in extensive damage to the landscape.  A recent meeting with representatives of SLVREC, the surrounding neighborhood and the POA resulted in a very positive plan for healing and beautifying scars left behind by the work.  Saguache County Road and Bridge has since endorsed the project.

In the very near future SLVREC will remove residual gravel piles and asphalt chunks, trim the many trees burned or broken by heavy equipment, remove the uprooted piñon pine from the top of Willow Creek Way, reinstall Neighborhood Watch signage and pay the POA to repair the large wooden sign with mileages to the spiritual centers.  A culvert will also be repaired, restoring drainage to a major arroyo.

 Decimated landscape between Willow Creek Way & Lone Pine Way.

Decimated landscape between Willow Creek Way & Lone Pine Way.

For those of us who drive, walk and bicycle along this length of Camino Baca Grande, and for our community as a whole, the residual environmental wounds have created an opportunity to beautify what now looks like an ugly, neglected construction site.  Several folks have been collecting wildflower seeds this autumn, particularly from wild sunflowers so prolific in other parts of the Baca.  With the many rocks unearthed by the infrastructure project, ideas have been expressed for a rock-lined walkway between Willow Creek Way and Rocky View Way, a rock garden, rock sculptures or other rock work.  Community input and involvement are most welcome.

Plans are underway for a November get together to walk the damaged stretch and put our heads together to create and launch a plan of beautification.  Please join us!  If you would like to participate please email Kathleen Willow at  A date will be chosen soon.