By Mary Lowers
At 2:40 PM on Friday, November 15, Paula Hudson, 75, was driving into the Crestone Post Office Parking Lot in her silver Subarau Forester. When according to a report filed by Saguache County Sheriff’s Office(SCSO), Sargent Pascoe, “she was trying to park. She went to step on the brake pedal but accidently stepped on the gas pedal and the car lurched forward causing her to crash through the door and into the building.” The glass doors on the northwest side of the Post Office were completely blown out and a row of post boxes across from the door were tilted by force into the MailRoom.


Postal worker Miguel Candejas who reported the incident to SCSO stated that, “he and a coworker were working at a computer inside the box section when they heard the vehicle come through the west wall of the building. He saw the PO Box section pushed inward and he heard the screeching of tires as the vehicle attempted to back out and park.” After going outside and making sure no one was hurt Candejas called 911.


The Postal Service informed Candejas and Sargent Pascoe that they wanted to press charges. Ms Hudson was issued a summons to appear in court on reckless driving charges.