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Public Notices

Saguache County – Request for Proposals RE: Tandem Axle Snowplow Truck

Saguache County is requesting price quotes on a Tandem Axle Snowplow Truck
Bid specifications may be obtained by contacting Joe Gilbert, Asst. Road Supervisor, at the Saguache County Road & Bridge 719-655-2554, 719-221-2135 cell.
Copies of the Proposal (inclusive of the specifications checklist and company information sheet) must be sent in a sealed envelope with the title Saguache County Board of County Commissioner
and mailed or hand-delivered to:
Saguache County  Administrator Wendi Maez
PO Box 100 Saguache, CO  81149.
* BIDS ARE DO 02/03/ 2022 By 4:00 PM
Awarding of this bid is not based solely upon low quote price, but on an overall service, quality and “best value’ to the county in accordance with the Saguache County Purchasing Manual.  Saguache County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, as deemed in the best interest of the county.
Specifications for Tandem Axle Snowplow Truck
The following conventional non-sleeper cab/chassis will be bid (no exceptions).
Check the model you will be bidding: __x___ International HX,  __x___ Kenworth T800,  ___x__ Western Star 49X

Check If Specifications Can Be Met – please put a checkmark on any line before all numbers below, if you can meet or exceed the listed requirements. (*note – exceptions and variations to the specifications of “Equal to or Better than” quality may be considered and may be listed in the table provided on the Company Information Page.)

____x_ Cummins X15 or Detroit DD15   (Front Engine Power Take Off)                                                                        

____x    1850 Foot Pounds Torque (minimum)

____x_   Turbocharged, no exceptions                                                                                             

____x_   Engine must meet latest EPA regulations

5. ___x__    HP (horsepower) being bid 510-565
6. ___x__   Torque being bid : 1850
7. __x___   Engine Manufacturer : Cummins XLT15, Detroit DD 15
8. ___x__   Engine Compression Brake : Factory
9. __x___    Cruise Control: Electric
10. __x___    Fuel Filter: Primary & Secondary Fuel with Davco Heated water Separator
11. __x___    DPF Filter: With initiate on demand switch
12. ___x__    DPF Filter: Located on the right side under the cab between the frame and steep
13. __x___    Air Cleaner: Outside/inside hood air intake for snow, in- cab restriction monitor
14. __x___    Lubrication System: Full flow with spin on filters
15. __x___ Exhaust Systems: 6” vertical exhaust pipe and muffler cab mounted with turnout
16. ___x__   Cooling System: Heavy-duty 1400 square inch radiator min. with permanent antifreeze -40 protection 50/50 mix with conditioning filter, bug screen, single stage fan, on/off switch made for front mount Hydraulics
17. ___x__ Engine Block Heater: 1500 watt 120 volt
18. __x___  Transmission: Fuller RTLO – 18918B 18 Speed Ultra Shift Plus
19. ___x__   Power Steering: 20,000 # capacity, four-quart power steering reservoir, dual gear and power steering cooler
20. __x___ Steering Column: Adjustable tilt, telescope
21. __x___ Electrical System: 12 volt with four (3) low maintenance 2800 cold crank batteries, battery box shall be complete enclosure front,
side, bottom with steel cover, battery disconnect
22. _x___ Electric Circuit System: 12 volt automatic self-reset circuit breaker in main dash power, distribution box
23. ____x_   Diagnostic Tool: Alternator: Minimum 160 amp
24. __x___   Alternator: Minimum 160 amp
25. ___x __  Windshield: 1 piece tinted curved gasket mounted heated windshield
26. __x___   Windshield Wipers: 2 speed-electric motor with intermittent feature
27. __x___ Gauge Instrumentations: Transmission oil, primary and secondary air pressure gauges, speedometer, engine tack, hour meter, turbo temp, oil pressure and fuel level, both diff. Temps (all gauges graduated type)
28. _x____   Dash Mounted Switches: Four dash mounted at the factory for use with work lights and miscellaneous (no attachments)
29. ___x__   Horns: Duel electric and air horns
30. __x___  Brakes: ABS self-adjusting, full air “s” cam type, rear brakes to include four (4) spring-loaded 30/30 air chambers, spring parking brake (all brake drums to be outboard)
31. __x___  Hub Pilot: Front bearings oil bath
32. __x___  Brake Chamber Location: Chambers on rear most carrier/axle shall be mounted on the top or the front sode or the rear axle carrier to permit dumping into hoppers on lay-down machines and chip spreaders
33. __x___  Air System: 18.7 CFM compressor min., Wabco Heated dryer, automatic Wabco drain valve heated
34. ___x__   Front Axle: Set back 20,000 # w shock absorbers, multi-leaf suspension
35. ____x_   Rear Axle: 46,000 # capacity to include two magnetic drain plugs, power divider lock/lockout with in cab control and lube pump, (filled synthetic oil) full locking front/rear carriers with individual front and rear switches
36. __x___ Rear Axle Ratio: Geared for city or highway use with the top speed 75 mph 4.11 gear ratio
37. ___x__  Rear Axle Suspension: 46,000 lb capacity Hendrickson haul max, Tuf Trac or Chalmers suspension with 54” suspension spacing with four (4) heavy duty shocks
38. ___x__  Frame: Heat treated alloy steel, clean frame left and right side from back of the rear axle, 48,000RBM minimum from front 12” parent front frame extension to rear of frame rails
39. ___x__  Wheelbase: Approximately 212”
40. ___x _ Cab Suspension: Dual frame mounted air suspension system
41. ___x__ Cab: Passenger daylight doors conventional cab with stainless exterior sun visor
42. __x___  Steering Wheel: 18” diameter
43. __x___ Seats: Driver seat to be air-ride, high back with lumber support and upper backrest, dual-armrest, passenger seat to med back, both cloth upholstery
44. __x___ Air Conditioning: Factory installed
45. ___x__  Radio: AM/FM, auxiliary input with speakers and antenna and hands free and prep kit for auxiliary CB radio with mirror mounted antennas. UHF/VFH harness
46. ___x__  Radio Brackets: Additional bracket/base for CB and county radio
47. ___x__  Mirrors: Heated west coast bright finish, full view, door mounted motorized both sides and convex mirrors
48. ___x __ Tires and Wheels: Steel wheels w 315/80R22.5 Michelin XZU S2 20 ply, load range L, radial front tires. Steel wheel with 11R24.5 Michelin Xds2 16 ply, load rating H traction rear tires. All tires to be tubeless HUB piloted
49. _x____ Front Bumper: Heavy duty chrome plated/ or powder coated with two (2) tow hooks
50. _x____  Rear Tow Hooks: Two (2) mounted to the frame
51. _x____  Tilt Hood: Front tilting fiberglass, heavy duty tilt with closing mechanism
52. _x____  Fuel Tank: Side step mount, non-polished aluminum driver side, 100 gallon capacity
53. _x____  Lights: No day time running lights, LED to meet DOT specs.
54. __x___ Trailer Towing: Pintle hitch with air and electric to rear chassis and hydraulic lines (2) to run pump
55. __x___  Paint: Exterior color white with base coat/clear coat and black frame
56. _x____ Manuals: Operator manual, shop repair maul, parts manual, and electric system manual in paper form or electric manual, provisions for the engine operation software for engine diagnostic Can you provide yes or no
57. _x____  Warranty: Vendor shall provide price on extended warranty. Engine, emission, clutch, transmission, and rear carriers for 5 years and 200,000 miles. Please provide detailed warranty information and optional pricing
58. _x____  Hitch: Pintle hook 24” off ground. Bottom of hitch plate 16”-19”, 66000 lb pintle
59._x____ Dump  box: 14ft steel ¼ “ tailgate, ¼ ” floor and 3/16” sides, double acting high-lift tailgate, spreader chains, body props, air latch tailgate, ¼ cab shield, trap arm brackets 8” spreader apron, hoist/cylinder, tarp, steel side boards, pintle hook, plate glade hands, electric plugs, vibrator.
60.  x_____Bids good for 45 days after final Bid date.
61. _x____ Hydraulics: Hydraulics ran for front plow (lift and turn), rear v box sander. (2) lines to run pup. Manual levers to run those functions. Hydraulics will be force and options for plow and sander controls to run pup trailer will need hydraulic diverter, hoses
and cab controls. Sloping tail gate to keep material off hitch etc.
62. _x____ Note, plow and V box sander will not be added at this time.

Saguache County Road and Bridge is Accepting Bids for the following item. Trailer with a pintle hitch to Haul rubber tire Paver/ Backhoe

1. Deck length  24 foot long, 102 inches OD wide  wood rumber inlay,  cross members 9 “ on center min. Or 1.½  oak rumber inlaid 16” oc or less.
2. BeaverTail –      6 foot  wood with rumber inlay  with min. 9 inch crossmembers
3. Ramps Rear-  7 foot min..   min 3 foot wide plus tapered approach,wood, Rumber inlaid ,air operated w/ bolt on legs ,Cross member 9 inches on center min. Self contained electric /hydraulic is acceptable , longer ramps are acceptable.
4. Deck Height-  Less than 37 inches
5. Tie Downs On  the Deck-  min. every two foot on both sides 1” D rings,
6. Tie Downs on Beavertail – min. 1 on each side 1” D rings
7. Brakes – Air , ABS 2s/1M, Meritor  WABO 9 Parking Brakes on all axles
8. Axles   –  25000 lb. oil bath, Two Axles
9. Suspension –  49” Spread Spring 9700 Hutch 25000 lb. Heavy Duty 3 leaf springs, for hutch 9700
10.  Tires & Wheels –  235/75R  17.5 J,. 8 Bolt  (17.5 x 6.75) outboard  Hub Pilot
11. Hitch Length –    Center of Coupler to Headboard , Appx. 5.3 Feet
12. Hitch Type – 3” Adjustable Lunette Eye/ Pintle, (C) 66000 lb Plate Mount 3/4”  Bolts
13. Jack-      Twin 2 speed  (39000 lb Lift Capacity)
14. Plug – 7 plug Semi
15. Lights – LED lights  Sealed wiring Harness, Meeting All DOT. regs.
16. Color –   Black,  DOT.  tape installed
17. Toolbox – Lockable in the Hitch
18. Steps – 3 steps, 1 on the Hitch,  one  in front of both axles  on both sides
19. Safety Chains –  ½ “ Grade 70
20. GVWR –  min. 53,900 lbs.
21. Mud Flaps – Behind Rear Tires
22.Spare Tire and wheel – 1
23. Safety headboard on main deck – min. 4”
24.  Delivered To Saguache Colorado 81149
Bid Deadline  February 3, 2022 At 4:00pm
Sealed Bids TO :
Saguache County Board of County  Commissioner
ATT.  Wendi Maez  
PO. Box 100 Saguache CO. 81149
Bids good for 45 days after Bid deadline
Company Name __________________________
Phone Number___________________________
E Mail________________________________
Price  Delivered__________________________
Print Name___________________________
Title _________________________________

A Mail Ballot Election will be held on April 5, 2022.

Nomination candidate petitions for the regular municipal election will be available for circulation from the Town Clerk on January 4, 2022 for four trustee positions, whose terms end on April 5, 2022.
Nomination petition packets will also be available on the same date for the special mayoral recall election as per the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS 31-4-503(4)).
Any interested candidate must be at least 18 years of age, a registered voter of the Town of Crestone and residing within the Crestone Town limits at least one year prior to the election date. If unsure if you are registered or active voter, please contact the Saguache County Clerk to verify your status at 655-2512.
 A  candidate orientation session will be held on Wednesday January 12, 2022, at 5:00 pm in the Crestone Board Meeting Room, located at 111 S. Alder St. Masks will be required.

Saguache County Sales Tax Grants now available!

The Saguache County Board of Commissioners will be taking Grant Applications for Saguache County Sales Tax Grants until 3:00PM, Friday, February 14, 2022.
To be eligible grant applications must be for either:  Emergency Services/Public Health and Safety; Youth and Senior programs, projects, or organizations; or Renewable Energy projects/Business Opportunities and Job Creation.
Grant applications are available on our website at – use “sales tax grant applicationform5” or you can contact the Saguache County Administration office at 719-655-2231 to request a copy of the grant application. 


Houses & Properties for Sale

Mountain View Lot For Sale

Beautiful mountain view lot, close to pavement, $7000 tap fees PAID, large greenbelt access, view of Vajra Vidya Temple. 3213 Enchanted Court $12,000. Owner Mary Carry 719-256-4111 or cell 928-243-1691

Land for Sale

In Casita Park, 3 residential individual lots, ready to build. Tap fees paid, taxes are up to date & AOS. Beautiful, mountain views. Contact / 719-966-5173.

For sale:

Casita lot 284 with tap fee paid, water and sewer installed and concrete runners. $7,000. Call 719-256-4533


Houses for Rent

Gorgeous Furnished 1BR/1BA

Duplex, Pvt. Entrance, Fenced/Landscaped,
W/D, Pass. Solar/Radiant Floor Heat, Pet Friendly
Pixs/Details: 505 728 0244

House in Casita Park 3br/2bath

3br/2bath, fenced yard, W/D, propane, great views, NS,NP, first and last months rent, deposit and references required. Minimum 6 months lease. $1200/mo.  970-275-4480

3BR/2.5Bath House in Chalet 1

Beautiful 2 story w/lg. master suite downstairs, 2BR/1Ba & loft den upstairs.  Up to date kitchen.  Energy efficient.  In-floor radiant heat.  $2400/mth.  lst, last and SD required.  Unfurnished.  1 year lease.  Available immediately. 719-588-0698


Commercial Properties for Rent

Crestone Mini Storage

We will have openings for storage units.
(4×8) $35 per month or (8×12) $60 per month
Call Ken @ 303-931-4002 & Please leave a message


Apartments & Rooms for Rent


House Rentals Wanted

Sorry, No Posts Found


Reliable Carpentry

EPDM, TPO, metal roofs, tile, stucco, FREE ESTIMATES. Alcohol and Drug free. Reliable Carpentry 719-496-7630

Technical Essentials

PC/Mac – computer backups / data management / spreadsheets / data entry / file organization. 
When the details matter, call us. 
Local residents 5+ years. Local references available. 
Due to reception, please text Shoshannah & James 719-480-3257


All aspects of NEW Greenhouse construction. Also, used green house materials for sale. Retractables, glass, all parts.  Call Mark 303-619-4650

Aguilar’s Automotive

Honest, affordable, reliable automotive service. Alignments, brakes, oil changes, tune ups and more! Experienced mechanic. Monday-Saturday. Center, CO. 719-245-9005.


Help Wanted

The Saguache County Assessor’s office has a position opening for a Field Data Collector

This position is part time and entails visiting various properties around the county, taking physical measurements of the houses/buildings, taking photos of the subject buildings, and submitting clear to-scale drawings and photos to the Assessor. A background in construction (or a demonstrable understanding of various construction techniques) is required, along with an ability to communicate well with property owners. This job can easily be done via email and other electronic communications without the need to submit completed work in person. It is also possible to do this job with a partner if desired. The starting pay is $65 per completed assignment,plus mileage, with a six month probation period. A complete job description is available at the following link: Applications and job description are also available at 505 3rd Street, Saguache, CO, or by calling 719.655.2231 to request one be mailed to you. Completed applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Saguache County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Saguache County Assessor’s office has an opening for an Assessment Tech

Experience with assessment and appraisal desired but not essential. This full time position provides an opportunity  for rapid advancement along with the possibility of working remotely part of the week. Advanced computer and keyboarding skills required including also, Microsoft Word, Excel ,etc. The successful applicant agrees to complete Colorado Division of Property Taxation coursework leading to acquiring a Colorado Ad Valorem  Appraiser’s License within two years.  Starting salary is $15.05/hr, possibly higher DOE.  Applications and complete job descriptions are available at 505 3rd Street, Saguache, CO, by visiting the Saguache County website at, or by calling (719) 655 2231 and requesting one be mailed. Completed applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Saguache County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Crestone Charter School Seeks a Classroom Aide

Follows classrooms teacher’s lead to assist with lesson delivery and to support students. The employee works closely with multiple teachers and students, with a focus on elementary grade levels, recess and lunch supervision, copies and office tasks, ordering supplies, and occasional driving. Regular work hours average 25-35 hours each week with competitive starting wages based on experience plus benefits. Learn more

Custodian Job Description

Performs janitorial and minor maintenance duties throughout the learning environments. Sustains considerable physical activity, including occasionally moving heavy objects, standing and moving nearly constantly, and rarely, exposure to physical hazards mitigated by basic safety precautions. Maintains personal comfort in indoor/outdoor work environments. Responsible for working around children and has a basic understanding of e-mail, spreadsheets, and other computer tools. Driving of students also required. Regular work hours average 25-35 hours each week with competitive starting wages based on experience plus benefits. Learn more 

Saguache County is seeking a full time Administrative Clerk

Duties include general office duties and some accounting/bookkeeping.  Experience in some accounting or bookkeeping preferred but not required.  Beginning rate will be $15.05/hr.  Job description and application available at or at and submit to Human Resources, PO Box 100, 505 3rd Street, Saguache, CO 81149.  Applications will be taken until Friday, December 10, 2021 at 3pm or until position is filled.


Misc. Wanted


Wild, beauty-full and intimate. Come feel the magic of Sonoran solitude. Long and short term. Email for information through website:


Misc. For Sale

Hooper Pool Passes

Crestone Performances has two 6 month family passes to Hooper Pool, a $325 value, yours for $250! Call 256-4533.


Vehicles For Sale


Community Service

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Lost and Found

Found on the Cemetery Road

I found it and you may have it back if you can describe what it is. Found recently on the cemetery road. Call 719-256-4510.


Yard/Estate Sales

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Free Manure

Free horse manure. Call the Baca Grande Stables to arrange pick up. 256-6200.


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Sun Peak Builders

Upcoming Events

  1. Baca Water & San. monthly public online meeting

    January 19 @ 9:00 am
  2. SLV Women Alliance for Change Together gathering

    January 22 @ 11:00 am
  3. Rumi Study Circle. All welcome!

    January 27 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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