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December 2017: Letters to the Editor

Unconscious Dear Editor, There are dozens of spiritual centers here in Crestone along with hundreds of Crestoners who came here seeking peace, quietude and natural beauty. It’s about developing inner awareness and consciousness,...

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November 2017: Letters to the Editor

Acknowledging Stephanie Gaines Letter to the Editor: This fall Crestone-End-Of-Life-Project has been celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Stephanie Gaines, our founder and director, has been busy acknowledging everybody and...

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October 2017: Letters to Editor

Love letter Dear Crestone Community, I am so sorry that I left Crestone for  Arizona without saying good bye.  I would have cried. Crestone will always be my “home town.”  I am missing all the hugs at the PO and grocery stores...

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September 2017: Letters to the Editor

A visit to Crestone Dear Editor: In July I traveled from Indiana to Colorado.  Crestone was one of my stops.  I had heard about this wonderful community of people, the open air pyre and wanted to see for myself what was going on...

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August 2017: Letters to Editor

Enlightening trees & flowers Dear Editor, I want to give thanks from my heart to the Crestone community of people who have put their time and energy into planting trees and flowers in Crestone. Wow—it’s awesome to feel so...

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July 2017: Letters to the Editor

A satisfied reader Dear Editor: As a frequent visitor to Crestone, my first desire is to read the latest edition of The Crestone Eagle. The writing, the in-depth articles and the variety of interesting topics included in the...

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June 2017: Letters to the Editor

Immigrant Resource Center Dear Editor, A group of concerned people in the Crestone area have come together to help immigrants in the San Luis Valley. The Immigrant Resource Center in Alamosa tells us that due to an increased...

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Letters to the Editor

Thank you, thank you! Dear Editor, The Northern Saguache County Library District recently received two grants from the Saguache County Commissioners totaling $14,075. These grants will go towards our books/DVD budget and several...

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April 2017: Letters to Editor

Good job Dear Editor, I was happy to read Vince Palermo’s letter to the editor in the February issue of the Eagle “In praise of POA maintenance crew.”  He stated that the crew “makes our lives more manageable and safer.”  I...

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March 2017: Letters to the Editor

In support of Baker for CCS Director Dear Editor, I just wanted to put in my two cents and say that I think Marie-Louise Baker is the right choice for CCS Director. I’ve had several significant interactions with Marie-Louise...

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February 2017: Letters to the Editor

In praise of POA maintenance crew—Not so much the County Dear Editor, This morning as I lay in my bed before daybreak, I heard the unmistakable sound of the grader plowing the fresh snow off our streets. Wow, I thought, the crew...

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January 2017: Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Chris Botz Dear Editor, I would like to send a well-deserved shout-out to Chris Botz who has been an active volunteer and public servant in our community for the last decade. Chris has been involved in both our  fire...

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December 2016: Letters to the Editor

The life of our library Dear Editor, If you can pause momentarily and imagine going back a few years to ask yourself “what would my life have been like as a child, or a teenager, and now an adult without the consistent comfort,...

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November 2016: Letters to the Editor

Please vote Dear Editor, I have to say that as a self-employed independent businessperson, I really like most of the conservative rhetoric: smaller government, fewer regulation, and lower taxes. What’s not to like? But, I also...

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Vote For Colorado Care

To the Editor, As a licensed physician in Colorado I’m writing this note to urge readers to vote for Colorado Care, Amendment 69, “Medicare for All Coloradans”, as it’s been called. Colorado Care is not part of the regular state...

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Letter in support of Dossenback for POA Board

Dear neighbors and fellow Baca Grande property owners, I am writing today to ask you to join me in voting for Steve Dossenback as a POA board member in the upcoming POA elections. Why? And why is this election important? In...

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October 2016: Letters to the Editor

A drug problem Dear Editor, Crestone and the Baca have a meth and heroin problem . . . this is common knowledge to all in this area. The purpose of this letter is to raise awareness of the problems, and to begin a public dialog...

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September 2016: Letters to the Editor

Thank you letter to the community Dear Editor, We want to thank the greater Crestone community. We have received tremendous support in our time of incomprehensible loss and are extremely grateful. Everything from positive energy...

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