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Elders living the dream Part I:  Imagine living in place

Elders living the dream      Part I:  Imagine living in place by Tom deMers with  Richard Sanderson One of the ways we imagine the future is living in a home that we own, one we’ve fully paid for. It doesn’t take a survey to...

Sri Aurobindo: Pure Being

by Eric Weiss I was studying a chapter in Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine in which he is asserting the existence of The Pure Being.  This Pure Being is supposed to be the one, Absolute, Infinite, Free and Divine source of all...

Thich Nhat Hanh returns to Vietnam (July 2008)

The Crestone Eagle, July 2008: Thich Nhat Hanh returns to Vietnam article & photos by Larry Calloway Thich Nhat Hanh’s return to Vietnam in May for a retreat followed by a United Nations conference was a triumph for his...

Who We Are: Eric Weiss

by Gussie Fauntleroy As he was approaching adolescence, Eric Weiss began noticing that none of the adults around him were asking the questions that had been on his mind for years—about God and life and how it all works. When he...

Sri Aurobindo Learning Center: Talking about evolution

published: August 2019 Sri Aurobindo Learning Center: Talking about evolution by Dr. Eric Weiss, MFT In recent discourse, there has been a two-fold attack on the idea of evolution. On the one hand, some Christian thinkers reject...

Unconditional Love

published: September 2019 Unconditional Love The cart before the horse by Ramloti Today a friend who has been using the principles of unconditional love emailed me saying: “Yesterday I read that the inability to tolerate an...

Sri Aurobindo: One must be calm

published February 2015 Sri Aurobindo Learning Center One must be calm Between World War I and World War II, many children came to live in the ashram.  A devotee who was five when she met the Mother said the children flocked...

Sri Aurobindo Learning Center: An engagement with Death

published: November 2019 by Eric Weiss My health has not been good, and my vitality has gotten so low that I’ve gotten to wondering whether maintaining this life is worth the high effort and high costs involved keeping this body...

Part II:  At home in Living Wisdom Village

published: November 2019 Elders Living the Dream      Part II:  At home in Living Wisdom Village by Tom deMers with Richard Sanderson Living Wisdom Village, Elders Creating Community moves forward on many shoulders from the...

How to rest in peace before you die

How to rest in peace before you die by Marcella Friel If you’re a member of one of the many spiritual communities here, or if you have an unaffiliated spiritual practice of your own, you no doubt have some sense about what...

Sri Aurobindo Learning Center: Overcoming Self Hatred

by Dr. Eric Weiss In our class last Sunday, we were discussing the problem of self-hatred.  I think that most of us are, at least occasionally, plagued by that particular problem. I have been very much helped,...

Crestonians on safari in beautiful Bhutan (January 2009)

The Crestone Eagle, January 2009: Crestonians on safari in beautiful Bhutan Story & photos by Bill Ellzey Mount Everest is distant through the plane window. Pinch me—the legendary Himalayas right out there—not a photo in an...


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