published: June 2019

Cielo Azul offers local pet burial in natural setting

Cielo Azul is Crestone’s pet cemetery, a natural space to honor and remember our beloved cats and dogs. Follow Galena west to the Crestone cemetery entry gate. From there a 10 minute walk west brings you to Cielo Azul’s one acre site.

The name Cielo Azul (blue sky or blue heaven) reflects our environment and our heritage. The cemetery is surrounded by pinyon, juniper, grasses and cactus. Rock lined paths access the 90+ numbered burial plots. Pet parents hand dig the graves and decorative items can personalize the space. Will Bartley’s beautiful arch identifies the entry to the south section of Cielo Azul and Sweet Thunder’s painted branches highlight the north entry. A gazebo is under construction and community members’ artistic ideas and contributions are welcome.

The Town of Crestone administers Cielo Azul. Come to Town Hall Monday through Thursday, 9-2 to pick up a map. A $25 fee is requested for a small plot with slightly higher fees for larger spaces.