August 1 Venus will be in a fine aspect with Saturn, making your relationship more secure, due to good clear communication in regard to expectations and what is realistic to expect or not to expect of each other. This type of conversation has been necessary for awhile. Also Mars is in a challenging aspect to Jupiter which holds the potential for you to easily become totally scattered with trying to accomplish too much. You’ve got plenty of energy but are you organized?

August 1-2 Mercury is now conjunct Jupiter and they are both in a challenging aspect to Mars. Whoa! Pull in the reins and watch for the tendency to act too quickly. Even though it’s fun to be spontaneous at this time it could create a bit of a mess. 

August 3 the Sun is in an awkward aspect with Pluto which brings about competitive reactions and defensive behavior. Mercury is in an awkward aspect with Neptune finding us all in confusion and thus misunderstandings take place and we’re left wondering, “what the heck?” And no, Mercury is not retrograde . . . until October.

August 4-5 Venus is in a difficult aspect with Neptune finding you dreamy eyed about someone, yet you have no clues as to how that person feels about you, or if they even think of you?

August 5 Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Pluto known to bring about obsessive thinking patterns. Sometimes this is helpful for those who are studying.

August 6-8 Mars is forming a positive aspect with Neptune which increases your ability to write lyrics, poetry, sing beautifully and to feel relaxed and allow the divine force in you to take charge.

August 6-9 the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Leo and are in a challenging aspect with Saturn. Feeling frustrated with the pace of things right now? No wonder. This aspect has a way of throwing obstacles in your path because you need to do some more research before moving forward with your project. Delays are famous for taking place during this aspect. Anger and impatience are obvious results. However having read about this aspect taking place now you could relax and avoid the anger which is trying to grab hold of you.

August 6-8 the Sun and Mercury in Leo are in a fine aspect with Uranus in Aries. Wow, this is an extraordinary time for creative expression, and also very good for spontaneous adventure and travel. Your intuitive intelligence is in fine shape.

August 9-18 Jupiter will be in an awkward aspect with Neptune. This is problematic as it points to a financial dealing being a scam. This could be another disappointment for us to observe the government losing taxpayers’ money and saying, “Oh well.” Be cautious those of you who frequent dating sites. There are more scammers out there than real people. I know of many lovely lonely women who have been cleverly deceived by flattering mumbo-jumbo.

August 10 the Full Moon takes place with the Sun at 18° Leo opposite the Moon at 18° of Aquarius at precisely 12:09pm. There are plenty of complicated aspects taking place with this Full Moon. It’s time to shift out of old ways of seeing life. You need to make some important changes if you were born February 4-8, May 6-10, August 8-12, or November 8-12 of any year. This is a serious Full Moon and deserves plenty of attention to, “studying your navel,” as my father would say.

August 12-15  Mars is in a super fine aspect to Pluto which strengthens confidence and courage. You are able to recharge your energy and get more accomplished than you imagined possible and still have more energy available.

August 12-September 5 Venus enters Leo at 1:24am and is ready to rock n’ roll wearing flamboyant colors and lots of glittery jewelry just for fun. Leo people are feeling more comfortable, “letting their freak flags fly.” They are a great example of how wonderful it feels to simply be yourself no matter what anyone thinks. Who cares what the fad of the day is or what is now stylish? Be yourself and be comfortable being yourself.

August 13 Mercury is in an awkward aspect with Pluto which is very similar to August 5. The obsessive quality of your mind to help you focus on something that you need to learn gives you more concentration. Hopefully you are not obsessing about a person in your life. This aspect really favors learning something which has great depth such a psychological insight if you are studying for a degree in that subject. Another way of thinking about this aspect is to consider it an aspect that a “private investigator,” would have been born with.

August 15-September 1 Mercury will enter Virgo which is perfect for organizing your thoughts and reconsidering what someone said the other day. It’s also perfect for teaching something that is of interest to you. That might be sharing the information while you are in the line at the post office. Meanwhile Mercury is in an awkward aspect with Uranus on August 5 making it a challenge to pay attention to details as your mind is racing and scattered.

August 16 Venus will be in an awkward aspect with Neptune, similar to what was taking place August 4 & 5. Your imagination seems more real than so called “reality.” If you’re wondering how that person sees you or feels about you, now is not the time to have that discussion. Wait until tomorrow.

August 16-18 (at 10am) Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Leo! This is an excellent aspect for romance, fund raising, parties, celebrations and just having fun for the fun of it. It’s likely that there will be great food to indulge in. Have you seen the film Chef yet? It’s a feel-good movie and fits in with this aspect.

August 16-18 Mercury is opposite Neptune in Pisces is a sure indicator that communications are apt to be confusing.

August 18 the Sun is in a nasty aspect with Pluto which means it’s likely that you could have a run-in with an authority figure.

August 29 Mercury is in a fine aspect with Jupiter, releasing your sense of humor.

August 19-21 Mercury is in a favorable aspect with Pluto offering you insight and expanded awareness. This would be an excellent time to write a political speech which has power to convince others of your point of view.

August 20-21 Venus will be in an awkward aspect with Pluto which brings about the concern for working out karmic relationships which are holding you back from being completely free to be yourself in the present moment.

August 21-23 (at 8am) Mars will be awkwardly aspecting Uranus which as you hopefully realize by now is known to astrologers as an accident-prone time.

August 22-September 22 the Sun enters thoughtful, clever, earthy, practical, Virgo at 10:46pm on August 22. School begins and we are all back into routine again which is imposed by the external world making us all more aware of children and their needs. I remember taking classes when my son was young, called, S.T.E.P. which means systematic training for effective parenting. I took it twice as it shifted around how to communicate effectively, and I surely needed that, then.

August 23 the Sun will be in a challenging aspect with Uranus bringing out the rebel in you and me. You’re seeing how things could be better even though it will cause some kind of reaction in someone. However, there’s something you need to say.

August 25 the New Moon takes place at 8:13am with the Sun and Moon at 2° of Virgo. It just happens that Neptune is at 7° of Pisces causing the Full Moon to be one of confusion and drug overdoses. Check in on those you are concerned about, they are more vulnerable right now.

August 24-26 Venus will be in a difficult aspect with Saturn indicating disappointment in a relationship.

August 25-27 Venus is in a difficult aspect with Mars which causes an imbalance between the receptive side and the assertive side of each of us. This is especially true if you were born with these two planets out of sorts at birth. Try to avoid manipulating circumstances to make things go your way.

August 27-29 the Sun will be opposite Neptune bringing about more confusion and doubts in regard to trust issues.

August 31-September 3 the Sun will be in a super fine aspect with Pluto. You can overcome an obsessive addictive pattern now. The planets are aligned for your confidence and courage to expand and grow into a new phase of your life. If you ask for help from the realm of the divine, you will receive the help you seek.

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