On Friday, May 18 area residents noticed smoke from a large fire far out on the Baca National Wildlife Refuge.  This was part of a previously announced plan to do a series of controlled burns on the refuge, weather permitting. However, the State Patrol, Sheriff’s Office and area fire departments received numerous calls either reporting or inquiring about the fire.    Many people received an automated phone notification of the fire so knew what was happening, while many others did not. If you did not receive the automated call notifying you of the burn, that means your phone number is not part of the emergency notification system.  This notification system is a way of informing people of a wide variety of situations or emergencies—fire, weather, flood, etc. that could affect them.  to register  go to http://www.slve911.org  or call 719-589-5807.  You can leave a message with your telephone numbers and someone will call you back.  You should register ALL your phone numbers and can also sign up for email or text alerts.  This will allow you to not only be informed of any emergency, but will free up the telephones of our emergency dispatch and response centers.