The Crestone Eagle • May, 2021

Crestone Community Dark Sky Celebration happens May 14 & 15 ‘Experience the Night’ presentation, plus music, beer garden & vendors

Friday, May 14


An evening dark sky celebration will take place on May 14. Crestone’s vast surrounding pristine space, exceptional dark sky, deep silence, rich cultural history and concentration of world’s wisdom traditions have caused this celebration to include honoring as well as celebrating our stewardship of this sacred land and the exceptional dark sky above it in a unique and “Crestonian” way.  

The event will begin with opening remarks by Mayor Kairina Danforth about our efforts over the past several years to become certified as an International Dark Sky Community, followed by a musical performance and audience sing-a-long by The Songbirds, led by Jillian Ellzey.   Immediately following will be a performance of Taiko drumming by Shumei International. Artist Patrick Moore will then tell the story of how our motto for worldwide IDA distribution became “We Are Children of the Stars.” 

“Experience the Night” 

A unique musical performance by singer/songwriter Michael Tiernan will lead the audience towards a tour of the nighttime sky, conducted by Dr. Shane Burns, Colorado College Physics Professor and Astrophysicist.  After being awarded a Ph.D. in 1985, Professor Burns became a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wyoming and spent the summer of 1988 as a visiting scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab where he helped found the Supernova Cosmology Project (SCP).  He continued to work as a member of the SCP group while a faculty member at Harvey Mudd College, the US Air Force Academy and Colorado College.  The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics  was awarded to the leader of the SCP for the group’s discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae.  

Professor Burns will help us get to know our way around the night sky by identifying several constellations, planets and other astronomical objects. He will talk a little about what is currently known about the black hole at the center of our galaxy, some of the giant stars that will be visible, and about how they will evolve into supernova expositions.  He will also discuss how humanity came to exist only because of these dramatic events. 

This “Experience the Night” event is part of the First Annual Crestone Community Dark Sky  Celebration.  The event is being hosted by Colorado College at its Baca Campus and will take place starting at 7:45pm and ending at 9:45pm.  The program is free to all, and interactive.  Please bring lounge chairs, blankets and binoculars. Headlamps with a red light.

Saturday, May 15


Downtown Festival

Come join us on Saturday when there will be 12 hours of music, local artists, food & drinks, kids’ activities, artisan craft vendors in the streets coming into town.

The Neighbors Helping  Neighbors beer garden on the west side of the Elephant Cloud starts at noon and goes until dark. 

Bring folding chairs, blankets, dancing shoes, sunscreen and shade. 

Vendors and volunteers should sign up at

See you there!