The Crestone Town Board of Trustees and Town Staff have met with concerned parents and the youth director of the Crestone Creative Council Youth Program.  The Town Board fully understands the importance of a youth program in our community and wishes to support youth in ways that are feasible for a small town. This program has been of benefit to many teenage youths in the Crestone community for indoor and outdoor functions, and we appreciate the hard work and dedication Lisa Bodey and many volunteers have put into it.
However, the Board of Trustees has considered the town’s limited available resources for operations, oversight and supervision of this program, and in light of current issues, have therefore concluded the program at this time.  In doing so, the Board believes it appropriate to grant the program director, Lisa Bodey, a three-month salary severance package and, in recognition of her invaluable efforts to the town’s youth, a letter of appreciation for her service will be placed into her file.