Crestone Eagle Community Media

Mission Statement


Crestone Eagle Community Media (CECM) is established to be a continuing resource for community-networking and information-sharing for the Town of Crestone, the Baca Grande and the Northern San Luis Valley in Colorado—a low-income, underserved, rural population.


The purpose of Crestone Eagle Community Media is to facilitate an informed/educated and interconnected citizenry by publishing a local newspaper/magazine, managing a website, and using other communications designed to inform and engage the public. The community needs CECM will address encompass the publication of local events, necessary public health and safety notices, reports on cultural and historical issues of local interest, assist with economic development, connect businesses with patrons and provide information on the numerous spiritual centers in the region.


CECM educates locals and visitors about the hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands that surround our communities. The CECM reports on the arts, education, outdoor recreation, tourism opportunities, wildlife and our region’s natural beauty.