by Board of CrESD

The Crestone Fire Protection District (dba the Crestone Emergency Services District), formed by voters in November 2011, and reconfirmed by district vote in May 2013, is pursuing Administrative Dissolution by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).  To this end, the board passed a resolution recognizing there are no outstanding financial obligations of the Crestone Emergency Services District, proclaimed the board’s desire to dissolve through administrative action, and declared the board’s intention to discontinue any operation of the District thereafter. This resolution was approved on November 19, 2015, for adoption on December 3, 2015.  Once such a resolution was passed and signed by each of the board members,  a copy was sent to the DOLA office and Saguache County.  Effective December 3, the board discontinued any action in the name of the District, resigned from the board, and canceled any mail services (return mail to sender).  Mail returns will include DOLA notices regarding budget, election results, OSA notices regarding audit forms or any other notices sent on behalf of any state or other local government agencies. Members of the board of directors (Frederick Dunets, President; Bill Sutherland, Vice-President; Eli Dokson, Treasurer; David Hillman, Secretary; and Peter Taylor) have resigned, effective December 3, 2015, and mail services have been discontinued.

There are several reasons for the board’s decision to allow the dissolution of the Crestone Emergency Services District (CrESD).  Chief among them is the failure of voters to approve funding the district both in November 2011 and again in May 2012.  The District has had no operating revenue since its inception.  Of equal importance has been the faltering support of the board of Directors of the Baca Grande Property Owners Association (POA). The POA Board initiated the process that culminated in the formation of the Crestone Emergency Services District when they hired consultants in 2009 to study the situation and were strongly advised to change to a Special Fire and Ambulance District. The CrESD, elected in 2011 but unfunded, was still supported by the Baca Grande POA board as reported in The Crestone Eagle, March, 2012, p.9. However, the membership of the POA board changed and the following letter was sent from the POA Board of Directors to CrESD in December 2013:

“This letter is a formal response from the POA Board of Directors to the issue of making POA emergency services assets available to the CrESD. The POA will not under any circumstances transfer its emergency services assets to the CrESD by any means, including by lease. In addition, the POA Board will no longer support the existence of the CrESD. We find that it is not in the best interest of the POA membership.” Earlier in the year, May 2013, voters of the special district, who are almost entirely POA members, voted by a roughly 2 to 1 majority not to dissolve CrESD. The current POA board has been requested to disavow this letter, but has refused to do so.

Fortunately, the POA has developed resources to provide its ongoing fire and ambulance services, so the dissolution of CrESD will not result in the loss of protection. There are no current financial obligations of CrESD, in large part due to the generous and excellent services of Richard Lyons of Lyons, Gaddis, Kahn, Hall, Jeffers, Dworak and Grant, P.C., of Longmont, CO.  As our final act, the board sent a check for $120.00 to the Baca Grande VFD Fireman’s Fund.  All of the Emergency Services Agencies and members have our unyielding support.