published: June 2019

Crestone Energy Fair: Climate solutions now for seven generations

by Lisa Bodey, Director

The Crestone Energy Fair will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary on August 16-18, 2019 in downtown Crestone’s Town Park & Little Pearl Park. The Crestone Energy Fair is an annual event highlighting innovative and visionary energy, building, and human relation’s technologies while networking the skill sets and resources of local, regional and global communities who practice sustainable, regenerative and whole systems designs. We are the longest running sustainability fair in the nation and this year’s theme is “Climate Solutions NOW for Seven Generations!” Our vision is to become a leading model of the Seven Generations philosophy of stewardship from native peoples around the world which urges our generation of humans to live, work and play for the benefit of seven generations into the future. We integrate lessons from our ancestors, elders and mentors while engaging our peers and youth to create solutions that minimize our impact on Mother Earth and repair harm in all its forms. This philosophy weaves together the political and social fabric which has helped Crestone/Baca make decisions in regards to our energy, water and natural resources as well as relationships of humans and nature within our community. We accomplish our mission and vision through a year-round Education Series and networking platform which offers educational, informational and empowering workshops through a permaculture lens which include:

• Alternative Building
• Alternative Energy & Fuel Sources
• Stewardship of the Elements
• Technology
• Energy Healing
• Social & Restorative Jus- tice
• Celebration & Ceremony

Preparations are underway for this community-wide initiative and we are accepting submissions for presenters/workshops/demonstrations, booths/vendors, musicians/performers/artists, home tours, and volunteers. Applications can be found on our website ( or request to have them sent to you via email (crestoneenergyfair@gmail. com).

In addition, we are interested in sponsors, funders & donations that are aligned with our mis- sion. It takes a village to pull off an event of this size and to commit to a year-round educational platform. We are in great need of financial donations to make this year a success.

Many thanks to our current partners: The Town of Crestone for hosting our event, Saguache County Sustainable Environment & Economic Development (Sc- SEED) for providing fiscal sponsorship for the Saguache County sales tax grant, and The Crestone Eagle for their continued coverage and inspiring stories.

The biggest embrace of gratitude goes to all of our volunteers who have already signed up to serve on our committees! Donovan Spitzman, PR/Marketing; Nick Nevares, Producer; Paul Shippee, Advisor; Mary Lowers, Food Vendors & Youth; Ginny Ducale, Food Group; Lori Nagel, Graphics; Afton Fleming, Community & Ceremony; Goldie Mariola, Home Tours; Matt Evers, Safety/Security & Parking; Marita Peak, Web & Technology; Eric Maki, Alternative Energy; and

Benny Roman, Music & Entertainment. We still have several key volunteer roles to fill so please reach out to us if you are resonating with our platform.

More information can be found at:



Phone: Lisa Bodey, 719-480-5925