The theme of the 25th Annual Crestone Energy Fair is “Resilience”, the ability to recover readily from adversity. In support of local resilience, we are proud to host CLEAR (Center for Living Environments and Regeneration) as the keynote presentation for this year’s event. The CLEAR team will provide a forum on Saturday, Aug. 23, to explore regenerative thinking processes and their application towards greater community resilience. This forum is a “must attend” event for community leaders, political participants, business owners and community members interested in the “next level” of sustainability. Find more information about CLEAR at or on our FB group at Crestone Energy Fair 2014.

Saturday will also play host to a visual explosion of Art and Crafts from the many local and regional artisans (contact Allison Wonderland for space) backdropped by the sounds of local musicians (contact Benny Roman at 857-240-9865 for set times) including our own Taiko Drummers.  The popular band Haunted Windchimes will play Saturday night at Cloud Station.

Dave Kirchner will be returning to provide answers and inspiration about solar cooking. He will be 

serving solar-cooked snacks provided by the Crestone Mercantile around 1pm on “Solar Cooker Corner”. Dave has a couple new solar items cooking, so be sure to stop by and see what he’s up to.

As you cross Solar Cooker Corner you’ll make your way down “Tiny House Row” towards Crestone Town Park. Once you arrive at the park you’ll find the building demos, power generation information, edible permaculture info and the Sustainability Flea Market (contact Donovan at  303-868-6352 if you have a stockpile of building materials or power system components you’d like to sell at the market). Additionally you’ll find a “Wild Ideas and Inventions” area where you can postulate and share ideas about what could be with others.

Sunday the 24th the fair will focus on guided home tours. This year’s attendees will once again have multiple options to choose from. There will be two tours showcasing completed homes and one tour focused exclusively on homes under construction. The tours will provide the broadest variety of construction materials and methods as possible (suggested donation of $15 per couple includes tour book). There will also be a variety of commercial facilities offering tours throughout the weekend including the Orient Land Trust, Crestone Charter School and Chokurei Ranch. Be sure to get a schedule of events when you arrive Saturday morning (or Friday night at the Bliss Cafe if you’re in town). The day is scheduled to begin at 10am. You can also find vendor forms and up-to-date info at Please direct other inquiries to Donovan at 303-868-6352.

A final word from CLEAR: The answer lies in shifting the world from using less to creating more, from minimizing our negative impacts to maximizing our positive contributions. It’s about moving away from fear of scarcity to the exploration of positive solutions that will take us beyond sustainability to regeneration and to the creation of living environments.