The Crestone Eagle • August, 2021

Crestone Energy Fair Home Tour happens Aug. 28 & 29

Nina’s incredible and creative home built with grain silos.

Come see some very unique houses

by Goldie Mariola-Gill

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it’s like to build your own home? Would you like to get a feel for a few of the many possible building techniques out there? Or if you simply enjoy admiring great works of art, then the Crestone Energy Fair Home Tours are the perfect way to get a taste of these things, right here.

Goldie Mariola, Home Tour Maven.

The unique architecture that can be found in the Baca Grande is something that sets Crestone apart from other small mountain towns. It is something that draws people here from all over the world, and it is something that the Energy Fair team holds at high value. It’s truly amazing to see how a home can be both beautiful and also ecologically harmonious at the same time. On the Home Tour, you will experience construction techniques for strawbale, pumicecrete, adobe, earthships, passive and active solar energy, insulation and thermal mass. In addition information can be gained on material sourcing, building process, permitting and so much more.

Nature’s Temple, where Sunday meditation and spa treatments are offered.

This year, the Crestone Energy Fair is reconnecting to our tradition of offering guided in-home tours of these amazing homes. We will be offering tours both days at the Fair this year.  Tours will begin at 8:30am and return around 12:30 Saturday and Sunday.  Check our website for the meeting location each morning.  On Saturday, we will be visiting homes that are currently in the process of being built. This is an opportunity to see the inner workings of multiple building techniques and ask the owners specific questions about their process. On Sunday we will visit homes that are complete or close to being complete, as the work is never really done when building a home. This tour will really give you the feel of what it’s like to interact with the atmosphere of homes that are off-grid, passively heated and cooled or made with natural materials. 

The owner/builders will guide us around. This is a chance to celebrate the courageous, inventive and patient folks in our community that have added some sweetness to our lives in the Baca. The homeowners will share their building experiences and answer your most burning questions about the journey.

As a final component to this year’s Home Tour, we would like to begin archiving the stories and history of our local homes and the people who built them. Please help us out by filling out the survey at or visit our website under the “Join Us” tab at This is intended as a community-wide survey.  Please take a few minutes to share your experiences and insights to help guide our future development.

If you have any interest in being featured on the home tours or if you have any questions about the Home Tours or the Survey, please reach out to