Donovan Spitzman, Lisa Bodey and Nick Nevares, event organizers of this year’s 30th Annual Crestone Energy Fair, were all still in great spirits at the end of the educational and fun-filled weekend. This photo was taken just prior to the closing ceremony on Sunday 8/18, which was the first time they could all be rounded up together to snap a pic! Kudos to them and all the volunteers, vendors, musicians, and participants who came together to make it all happen photo by Lori Nagel

Donovan Spitzman presented on papercrete concepts, ideas and challenges. He demonstrated constructing with a commercial made papercrete product, as well as creative applications of homemade papercrete. Papercrete is a product made of post-consumer paper fiber, cement and a few binders to stabilize the material. Papercrete has a superior compression strength to concrete with a high insulation value. photo by Lori Nagel