Crestone Historical Museum news

The Crestone Eagle • March, 2020

by Jim McCalpin

The Crestone Historical Museum & Welcome Center is gearing up for the summer 2020 season, with a few improvements. The first improvement is the Museum’s association with the newly-formed Crestone-Baca Historical Society (CBHS). CBHS is a nonprofit association of people interested in history and historic preservation in the Crestone-Baca area. Members qualify for gifts and discounts on Museum purchases and on Museum activities that charge admission (but admission to the Museum itself remains free). More detail on CBHS and how to join is available in the latest (Feb. 2020) Museum Newsletter. To get a copy, email Museum Director Jim McCalpin at or 719-588-4279.

The second improvement relates to the upcoming 50th anniversary of the creation of the Baca Grande Corporation (1971-2021). Ever since 2011, our Museum definition for what constitutes “history” always hovered around 50 years ago. Thus we devoted no displays to the Baca Grande development, only to the older Baca Ranch. But all that will change in 2021. This year, the Museum will be looking for artifacts, documents, and photos from the early days of the Baca Grande development, with the aim of creating some permanent and/or rotating exhibits before these items become lost to history. The Museum will be using an even more flexible definition of history this summer, making displays of such gone-but-not-forgotten events as the Crestone Music Festival (1999-2017). Who knows, Tom Dessain might end up in our big glass display case . . . that is, if he’s not too busy MC-ing concerts in Town Hall Park. Will the Festival come back to life? Will history repeat itself??

Finally, the Museum will continue its schedule of weekend activities (summer lectures, field trips, gold panning in the creek, woodstove cookery, and downtown walking tours). We are always looking for Museum volunteers, who now automatically receive free membership/benefits in the CBHS.