The Crestone Eagle • May, 2021

Crestone on target to become a certified International Dark-Sky Community

The Town of Crestone is pleased to announce that the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) has given its conditional endorsement to Crestone’s nomination to become certified as an International Dark Sky Community.  Dr. John Barentine, Acting International Dark Sky Places Program Manager, notified Crestone Mayor Kairina Danforth on October 23 of the Review Committee’s decision and included mention that  committee members had very nice things to say about the Crestone nomination document.  The Town of Crestone has long worked to encourage protection and preservation of its dark sky. For the past several years Danforth has envisioned and led this initiative to become internationally accredited.

The Town of Crestone is blessed with high elevation (8000’) and generally very low humidity.  It is far removed from Colorado’s Front Range light pollution and the only known municipality in the US with external borders surrounded by vast areas of wilderness, a wildlife refuge, national forest and a national park. The best evidence of Crestone’s deep commitment to  preserving its naturally dark night sky and to fostering a protected  quality of life for its residents is its passage of a pioneering Right of Nature Resolution in July 2018 which recognized that ecosystems and other natural entities have fundamental rights to exist, just as humans do. That resolution was passed unanimously by the Crestone Board of Trustees.  

The IDA conditional endorsement contains additional changes to be included in the Crestone nomination. Dr. Barentine’s email stated that once those changes are made and if the Committee acknowledges that it is satisfied, final approval by the IDA Board of Directors could be immediate.   Danforth reported that these changes are now in  process for submission to the Review Committee.  

The Town of Crestone is preparing to honor and celebrate its dark sky this May 14 and 15 and hopes by that time to join the exclusive number of communities world-wide who have successfully met the rigorous requirements for this prestigious accreditation.