published: February 2015

Dan Warwick, Sagauche County’s new Sheriff

Our county was privileged to have Mike Norris as our sheriff for over a decade. And while he will certainly be missed, the person elected as his successor certainly has strong qualifications.

Dan Warwick has served with the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office for over 17 years. Warwick has been in Colorado 25+ years, is married and raised a family here. He has moved through the ranks as a sergeant and a lieutenant and was the undersheriff for 9 years of this time. Additionally he was employed by the Center Police Department for 9 months as their interim chief when they were hiring their sheriff.  When asked in a telephone interview how it could be following Mike Norris who was very respected, Warwick said he recognizes the challenge to “gain the public’s trust,” and he stated at the outset that trust is important to him. He  believes Saguache County deserves to have “prompt and professional service” from their law enforcement/peace keepers. He said he will do everything possible to gain that trust and believes that everyone should be held accountable for their actions. He repeated that trust was important to him and wants county residents to know their input is appreciated. He added that trust comes from having a safe community. Given the vastness of the county, he and his staff have to cover a lot of ground to assure safety.

In response to questions about whether there is a drug problem in Saguache County and how it will be handled, Warwick said “Yes, there is a drug problem in the county. Drugs are a big problem in our communities in a way they haven’t been before.” There’s been a spike in meth and heroin in particular. Warwick hopes residents will come forward and report if they have any knowledge or suspicions about drug use.  He believes residents can all help by calling in any unusual behavior or incidents.