Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Crestone Calendar Guys

Dear Crestone Community,

It takes a village to care for one another. Please help us help a neighbor by buying the 10th anniversary issue of Crestone Calendar Guys. This will be a fun holiday gift to give and they are on sale at the Desert Sage, Elephant Cloud and the Mercantile. You can also buy using PayPal by going to

There are many people to thank for making this fundraiser successful. Special thanks to Martin Macaulay for taking the photos and for donating hours on layout and design. We thank Bill Ellzey for donating studio space, and of course, thanks to all of the 77 guys for showing up with a sense of humor and willingness to help a neighbor in crisis.

The calendar release party was successful! We thank Benjamin and Michelle for donating space at the Cloud. Thanks to the donors who paid for the cost of the food and wine and Tom Whitehead who donated the food preparation. Because NHN does not spend money to make money we are better able to serve our community.

May 2015 be a blessed year for all of us!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Board

In gratitude

Dear Editor,

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all who voted for us in the POA board election.  Your support is gratefully received and deeply appreciated.

Now the work begins and we hope your enthusiasm will continue.  We invite you to attend board meetings whenever you can and to stay informed by staying in touch.  We also welcome your thoughts and ideas.  Sugandha and Joanna are also available at the Cloud Station every Thursday from 11am to noon.

Sugandha Brooks (

Matie Belle Lakish (

Joanna Theriault (

Thank you

Dear Saguache County residents,

I just wanted to say thanks again for all the support and encouragement so many of you provided through this election process. Since the start of this process I knew that we are not in charge of the outcome and that if I am not in the Assessor’s office that God has a different purpose for me.  I want to congratulate the winners of the elections and I want to challenge the rest of us to encourage, support, and hold accountable those whom we elect into office to serve the public. Their job is to work for us, listen to us and make the best decisions possible for the community as a whole.  I have learned much about this community and am thankful and blessed to be a part of it.


Janet Nelson-Cox

Stay the lane

To all with thanks!

My horses are trained for traffic, so please stay in your lane. I’m grateful for your kindness, but don’t want any accidents.


Michael Dyas

Farewell, dragons, fairies & beloved dead

Dear Crestone Community,

This marks the end of a three-year series: the bi-annual Dragon and Fairie and The Day of the Dead street fests and parades. Thank you to all the ways you may have collaborated, participated and received this offering. I am finishing this series with gratitude and delight in the deepening of our relationships between each other, our environment and the cycles of time. I am now in the process of reflection and review. Accepting the completion of a cycle. It is now time for me to critique the project: what worked and what didn’t. If, after this period of reflection, I choose to continue with community fests and parades, I imagine I will be assessing how to increase collaboration, participation, and energetic and financial stability. I welcome any feedback and copies of documentation. We do not yet know what the future may have in store. More likely than not the cold winter will be followed by the warming of spring. Most likely, we will continue to share in ongoing unfoldings of beginnings and ends. Maybe this series was just a short story, or maybe the first chapter of a longer tale. And maybe, just maybe, the magic of the Phoenix of Peace may prevail.

Blessings and gratitude.

Allison Wonderland (

Feasibility study thanks

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to publically acknowledge and thank the many residents of the Crestone-Baca community who recently took the time from their busy schedules to participate in the Northern Saguache County Library District’s Feasibility Study for the proposed new Crestone-Baca Library. Fifty-five interviews were conducted with individuals and/or couples from the Crestone-Baca community. Their comments and suggestions are what made up the core of the study’s final report which was presented to the NSCLD Board at their November meeting on November 19.

A feasibility study is a process intended to only gather information through a series of one-on-one interviews. What has been achieved through this feasibility study interview process is, I believe, a very comprehensive analysis by the residents of the community with respect to the proposed new library facility for the Crestone-Baca community.

Conducting this feasibility study for the NSCLD has been a truly wonderful and enlightening experience. One I will never forget. My sincere thanks once again to all the participants. My very best wishes, energy and blessings to the entire Crestone-Baca community for a joyous holiday season.

Robert Eiserman

Four Directions Consulting

Care & kindness

Dear Editor,

We want to express our deep gratitude to the Beelendorf-Byer family for their recent amazing grace with us.  The day after Halloween night, our loyal dog Chico bit their sweet toddler Shoshi in the face.  Needless to say, we were all very concerned.  What we feel needs to be shared is the amount of love and healing that came through this dramatic event.  The level of presence, allowance, acceptance, care, and kindness that was shared between our two families during a potentially traumatic situation is worthy of our reverence.  Our wake up call (and citation) to care for our Chico and be more mindful of his interactions came with grace and love instead of guilt, shame, blame and fear . . . far better teachers.  So, thank you so much Sunia, Michelle, Benji, Shannon, and sweet Shoshi . . . who is making a full recovery.

The Cabeza-Kinney Clan

Democracy for the POA

Dear Editor:

Fascism showed its ugly face in Ferguson, MO.  No one who saw huge armored vehicles plowing into a crowd of peaceful protesters can doubt the military presence there, loaded to the teeth with tear gas.

Militarization to control citizens is a hallmark of oligarchy—rule by the wealthy—control of ordinary folks by the rich with their property and influence.  Revolutions have been fought to replace oligarchy with democracy.

Our POA, our local governance, is an oligarchy.  The resident with ten lots gets ten votes.  Property can out-vote a living person with fewer lots—it is anti-democratic.  As long as we allow a political structure that entrenches the 1%, 99% of us will be unrepresented.  Regardless of how intelligently we revise rules or how many good and bright people labor to govern the Baca—the structure, the philosophy behind the structure, dooms their efforts to discord and failure.  We are raised to believe in democracy and expect “taxation with representation”.

Dissolution of the POA and its replacement with equitable and transparent governance is the only viable alternative to the problems we’ve had. We can have a local democracy too!


Pavita Decorah