Democratic Party caucuses March 7

The Crestone Eagle • March, 2020

by Barbara Tidd

Show up on Saturday, March 7 at 1:30pm to register and chat with your neighbors before the caucus begins promptly at 2pm.

Where is my caucus?

Precincts 1 (Saguache/Villa Grove) & 2 (Sargents): Saguache Rd. & Bridge, 305 3rd St., Saguache

Precincts 3 (Town of Crestone, Casita Park), 4 (Moffat), 5 (Baca): Crestone Charter School, 330 E. Lime Ave., Crestone

Precincts 6 (Center West) & 7 (Center East): Kiwanis Hall, 5th & Broadway, Center

To find your precinct go to, click on Find My Registration, then County & District Information. Your precinct number is the last 2 digits on the Precinct line.

Or contact Barbara Tidd, Saguache County DEMS Secretary at, 719-221-8434.

Hold on . . . Didn’t we get rid of caucuses?

Good question—the answer is “No!” In 2016, voters passed Proposition 107 & 108 which re-established presidential primaries. Therefore, Colorado will have a primary election on Tuesday, March 3, for the presidential race. However, Colorado (both Ds and Rs) still holds caucuses to help select which non-presidential candidates will be on the primary ballot.

Why should I caucus?

Caucus is the first step in the election process for non-presidential candidates, and it’s your opportunity to make your mark on the Democratic Party. On Saturday, March 7, you will have the opportunity to advocate for which Democrats you want to be on the primary ballot for US Senate, Congressional District 3 (CD3), Senate District 35 (SD35), House District 62 (HD62), and County Commissioner. Want to be a Precinct Organizer (PO)? Want to be a delegate or alternate to County Assembly/Convention? POs and delegates are elected at caucus. Have an idea for a change in the Democratic Party Platform? Want to start your journey to become a National Delegate to this summer’s Democratic National Convention? It all starts at caucus.

Colorado US Senate candidates who are going through the caucus/assembly process are Andrew Romanoff, Erik Underwood, John Hickenlooper, Stephany Rose Spaulding, and Trish Zornio. Other US Senate candidates are petitioning only and are not part of the caucus/assembly process. See for all candidates’ names.

Who can caucus?

Registered Democrats in Colorado can caucus. Also, if you will be 18 years of age on or before Tuesday, November 3, 2020 (Election Day), if you registered to vote as a Democrat by Feb. 14, you can caucus!

Saguache County Assembly

The Saguache County Assembly/Convention will be held on Sunday, March 29 at the Saguache Community Building, 525 7th St. beginning with a noon potluck. The County Assembly/Convention will begin at 1pm sharp. Whether or not you are elected as a delegate or alternate to the County Assembly/Convention, you are welcome to attend. It is open to the public.

Saguache County is allowed 4 Delegates to the State Assembly, State Convention, CD3, SD35, HD62, and JD12 Assemblies. Delegates to each of these Assemblies and Convention can be different delegates. In addition, Saguache County may have one member on the State Permanent Organization/Credentials Committee, which meets after the County Assemblies and before the State Assemblies, which are at the Denver Convention Center on April 17. State Convention is at the Denver Convention Center on April 18.

For more information or to see the 2020 Colorado Delegate Selection Plan, go to

For more information or to get involved with the Saguache County Democratic Party, contact Chair Randy Arredondo; or Secretary Barbara Tidd,, 719-221-8434.