The Crestone Eagle • June, 2021

Eagle Dance presented at Dark Sky event

by Mary Lowers

Our  first annual Dark Sky celebration on Saturday, May 15 featured Hopi silversmith, artist, and cultural leader Rueben Saufkie, Sr. presenting the Eagle Dance.

Reuben, a member of the Hopi Water Clan, is a dedicated runner from the Pueblo tradition of distance running going back centuries. In 2006 he participated in the run from Mexico City to Hopi carrying the sacred fire. In 2016 Rueben ran from Hopi to Mexico City to bring awareness that water is life. In 2021, as our region braces for a summer of potential drought and possible fire, beginning the season with the Eagle Dance, performed by a Hopi family with a close relationship with fire and water, seemed to contribute a positive intention to the community.

Reuben said, “These two runs have been a big part of my spiritual path. I am happy to share my experience on these two runs with everyone I meet. I am doing my best to share our Hopi teachings of finding balance, harmony and unity which leads to peace . . . we need to come together as one as we move into the future together on Mother Earth.”

The park between Town Hall and the Crestone Eagle office was the perfect setting for the Eagle Dance. Bueben and his family danced in beautiful, colorful garments featuring many eagle feathers. The youngest dancer, a four-year-old, wore an eagle head dress. A “four directions” symbol was constructed by Reuben at the center of the dance calling in the elements of life. Crestonians and visitors circled the dancers. Many thanks to the Manitou Foundations for sponsoring this event. 

 Reuben said, “Water is life, not a commodity.” We are the ones we are waiting for.