Democrats big winners
by Matie Belle Lakish

Saguache County voters turned out strongly on Election Day 2012. In all races, the majority of county votes went to Democrats by fairly large margins. Although the precinct breakdown is not yet available, totals for the county and the state are nearly all in, but are, as of Thursday evening, still Unofficial Results.

Saguache County gave Barack Obama and Joe Biden 1762 votes to 937 for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Statewide, Obama/Biden took 51.23% of the vote, while Romney/Ryan took 46.44%. In a long list of candidates from minor parties, Gary Johnson, Libertarian, took the next greatest number at 1.35% of the vote. Voter turnout was fairly high at 67.68% statewide, but slightly lower in the county at 60.97%.

In the three-way race for District 1 County Commissioner, Jason Anderson took more than half the total votes with 1,462. Republican Joe Cisneros took 655 votes, and Un-affiliated candidate Lisa Cyriacks had 634 votes.

In District 2, Ken Anderson, Democrat, prevailed over Republican Rock Finley, with Anderson receiving 1,737 votes and Finley receiving 947.

Colorado House of Representatives District 62 incumbent Democrat Ed Vigil received 1,754 votes, while Republican Tim Walters received 919 from Saguache County voters. Vigil won his race for the seat about 60 to 40% statewide.

It was a different story for Colorado State Senate District 35, a new district representing the Valley and all counties east to the Kansas state line. Although within Saguache County, Democrat Crestina Martinez received 1677 votes to Larry Crowder’s 933, Martinez lost the seat by about 3% throughout the district. Crowder will represent Saguache County at the State Senate.

For the U.S. House of Representatives, Democrat Sal Pace tried to unseat Republican Scott Tipton. Saguache County supported Pace by 1517 votes to Tipton’s 986. However, in the whole district, which runs west to Durango, Tipton prevailed by 53% to Pace’s 41%.

For District Attorney, incumbent David Mahonee defeated Peter Comar, both at the county and district level. District Judge Pattie Swift and County Judge Amanda Pearson both retained their posts.

There were three issues on the ballot. All three passed at both the state and county levels. Amendment S having to do with the state personnel system was difficult for some to understand, but passed 56 to 44%. Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana was similarly passed 55 to 45%. However, Amendment 65 to Support Campaign Finance Limits was very popular, passing 74 to 26%.