By Lisa Cyriacks

With 43 of 64 counties reporting, early results show that approximately two-thirds of voters approved the State keeping excess tax revenue.

State Senator Pat Steadman, D-Denver, who led efforts to place the issue before voters, said Coloradans are responding consistently given prior votes on the marijuana tax issue.

The first $40 million of marijuana revenue will go to school construction, as was the original intent of Amendment 64. Another $12 million will be spent on youth programs and marijuana education. The remainder will be allocated by the Legislature.

Early results show that voter turnout is low – 32.82 per cent of the counties reporting so far. Saguache County mirrors that result with 32.75 percent of the ballots returned.

Saguache County voters voted 972 for the measure and 402 against.

Denver voters also voted to allow the city to spend the $5.3 million in sales-tax revenue brought in by recreational marijuana rather than returning it.